Sunday, December 24, 2006

Then it was Tuesday:(

Like I was saying..I WAS feeling really good then Tuesday got up and poured my 90 cc of Propel and drank it in 2/3 gulps instead of sipping and the pain started. It hurt to breathe or move. Around 1 we drove part of the way up the Franklin and I "thought" I was feeling better so we came 4:30 we were back and they said I must have had a weak spot and when I drank to fast it reputured so I was back in surgery that night. It was not what I was planning at all and I did not take it well. They did not think I would be home for Christmas but I got out today and am THRILLED. Can I saw I can not believe the differece in how I feel. I have no energy, came home with drainage tubes and am not doing anything but I am HOME. Hank held it all together with the kids and no one was missed anything. We have some GREAT friends who were a HUGE help. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Its Monday:-)

Well I got home Friday around 6:00 and I have to say I feel pretty good. I am sore today and I know that is because I did to much this weekend. Saturday I actually made Chicken Soup so I would have homemade broth instead of can broth to eat. We wrapped Christmas gifts Saturday night untill 11:30/12:00 so that was a lot of bending and moving and yesterday my parents and sister came up and we went to Sams Club, which as a lot of walking. I actually cut my mom and dads hair before they left (Tylers later that night) and then SAT and watched Survivor!!! My mom and sister both brought meals up for this week and I even did chicken and noodles in the crockpot for them to eat before they left . Yes, it smelled so good, but I am on a dixie cup size cup of clean liquids once a hour. So for now it is gatoraid, propel, chicken broth and jello for me. I would LOVE to have a mint since I still have that "crappy" taste in my mouth.
I can say the surgery was much better then I was expecting. Wednesday and Thursday were not the most "fun" days but by Friday is was so much better. Personally I think once I was off the Morphine and on a liquid pain med. I did sooo much better:)
I own Diane H a appology since I feel asleep when she was there. (I do feel really bad about that)
DENISE, Yes I am mentationing your name, YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND A GIRL CAN EVER HAVE...Thanks for ALL you did which is more then I can all say. You were a huge help to Hank and your Christmas picture you drew was the first thing I saw each day. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!
I am happy to be home and even happier that the surgery to over with. Worrying about it was worse then the actual surgery.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tomorrow is the BIG Day:)

Well for those of you that know and those that do not...tomorrow is my Gastric Bypass surgery. I am having the RNY type (howfully Lapro). I thought I would be nervous but so far I am not at all (which I take as a really good sign:)
I do not think I have ever though anything out as much as this..someone said today to me "you have thought about it for 3 years" I said NO, I have said for 3 years I would not do it but after a lot of research, thought and praying I realized this is what I NEED to do. Soo my next post will be in a few days and I will let you ALL know how it went. Thanks to ALL who have been so supportive of me and MY decision.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Parade & Breakfast with Santa

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the year. We had the Columbus Christmas Parade and Breakfast with Santa in Brown County. Tyler was in the parade with Cub Scouts and Hank walked and gave out CANDY:-)
The parade has gotten alot longer and the PIG was my favorite. And YES, We sat with Denise and her family (Jill and hers too;). Denise wanted her name mention in my blog..personally I think she needs to get her own blog and she can talk about herself in it.
The next day we did our ANNUAL Breakfast with Santa. We have been doing this every year and it is a favorite in our family. My mom and dad and my sister and her kids come down. AND yes...we now have the oldest kids there but we still have FUN.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The 4 Kids

On Thanksgiving we took a few pictures of the 4 grandkids together. I have 2 boys and my sister had 2 girls. Lindsey is now 19, Kaitlin 14, Nicholas 13 and Tyler is 9. This one is my favorite:)

Happy Thanksgivng

On Thanksgiving we had 2 of our BEST FAMILY FRIENDS over for Dinner. It was so nice and we had ALOT of FUN and ALOT of LAUGH. We are so lucky as the kids get along so WELL. Hank deep fried the Turkey and it was WONDERFUL. He also smoked a CIGAR with Brian since it was a beautiful day:) He (and the Turkey) were the hit of the day.
On Friday I got up at 4:30 and was at the stores by 5:00 and was in my GLORY. The day after Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE day to shop and I think you meet the nicest people as you are waiting in line. Later that day we went to my sisters for Thanksgiving as her daughters went to their dads on Thanksgiving day. Another great time will all the food again;-)
Hope everyone else had a GREAT Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How TRUE is this;-)

This summer I did see a FUNNY FUNNY thing. I wish I would have had my camera with me since it was priceless. There was a MEN WORKING sign up near us in a yard where workers were "working" on sewers or something... So there is this big YELLOW sign that says Men Working and there were 3 men laying by it under a tree.....I want that job;)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday BEV

Sunday, (41) was Bev's SURPRISE Birthday party (41) at Johnny Carinos and it was so nice:) The (41) food was Wonderful and it was (41)nice seeing alot of the same people(41) for the 3rd straight day!!!!! Happy Birthday Bev (we won't say how old you (41) are but if you read between the lines you might figure it out!!!!
Isn't that the prettest cake...(and it tasted even better;) Bev is in the middle with her mom and her son:)

BuNcO bUnCo BuNcO

Well, Friday night was BuNcO again:) and yes FUN was had by ALL. My sides still hurt the next day from laughing! Everyone wanted to be in the blog so here are a few pictures of my Bunco group...Jill (who won last Bunco) made a artichoke pasta salad. Jo got 4, YES 4 Buncos and won most Buncos. Mary did not win a thing so she is in the potty:) and the best of the night was SUE who is the new Dice Whisper. We were on 4s and she kept saying IV to the dice (I thought she was saying IVY, and speaking in French) and rolled like 8 4s in a row. Well when it was all over I ask what language she was speaking and she said Roman Numberals....which ended up being Roman so we laughed even more. (I think it was a you have to be there BUT it was FUNNY:)
Our next BuNcO is Dec. 8th which is 2 days before my BIRTHDAY incase anyone wants to know!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.....
Tyler carved our pumpkin (yes we were running a little behind) all by himself today. He did a GREAT job. Later he went trick or treating dressed as a ZOMBIE. He looked really spooky and he was thrilled. Nicholas had basketball practice so he missed his first Halloween without trick or treating. Tyler being the NICE brother said he can have his candy since he really does not like candy that much. (he does not take after me:)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WTG Nicholas

Nicholas found out tonight he made the Central 7th Grade Basketball team and is THRILLED!!!!! We are very proud of him:)

Monday, October 23, 2006


We had the Donner Octobear Meet this week and Nicholas came in 3rd for high points for his age group, 13/14. We were thrilled as he just aged up this summer as a 13 year old and some of the 14 year olds look like men. BackStroke and Free Style are defiantly his strokes. He swam the 500 Free and the mile this weekend too..I would be dead at the bottem of the pool. I know a lot of people think swimming is not a "sport" since there is no ball involved but you should see how HARD this kids swim. They are all a great group of kids:)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

School Pictures

Well, it is that time of year again when we get the kids school pictures back...we send them to school with their hair all combed (moused and sprayed in Tylers case) and a few weeks later we get the pictures back. Nicholas' came back first and no it is not the "best" picture of him but the only thing worse then picture day is retake picture day:) There is a dark shadow on his hair and it looks kinda (I can say that since I am his mom and he will never read this:) His hair is now much longer and fuzzier since he will not let me cut it since he wants LONG hair...I have no idea if he is going for pig tails or what but it is not good. According to him PARENTS are the only ones who do not like it as EVERYONE else does. So what he is trying to tell me is kids under the age of 16 think sun bleached-choride hair is good:)
Now to Tyler...he also was letting his grow...we have since cut some off. We got up in the morning and dried it with a blow dryer and used mouse and spray. The pictures I got back look like he has greasy hair...IT WAS CLEAN!! He did not have a plain white T Shirt as Nicholas took permant markers and drew GO NORTH all over a shirt...put it in the laundry and it bled all over Tylers white T Shirt so we had to wear one with a pattern WHICH WAS NOT SHOWING when he left in the morning. But looking at Tylers picture have you ever seen a bigger smile. He obvoiusly LOVED getting his picture taken even though his hair looked goofy and his T Shirt showed underneath.
So as a mom who took time to actually plan for picture day (and spent $60.00) I realize this is what school pictures are all about:)

Friday, October 06, 2006


Well tonight was our FUN night at BuNcO...Good news is we had a TON of fun..Bad news is there was NO 3-peet for me:(
I was tied for most Buncos with Tracy and then on the last 6's that DAMN Kathy WHO NEVER WINS, Buncos guess who stold the Bunco pink feather boa and troll from poor poor Diane B..Yep you guessed it right KATHY. So then it is a roll off between me, Tracy and Kathy and Tracy rolls a 6, Kathy rolls 10 so I am thinking how hard can this be and I roll a stinking 9(sad thing is it took us a few minutes to add the 3 dice up to realize it was only 9:). So Kathy WHO NEVER WINS since she SUCKS at BuNcO wins $60.00. Diane gets most losses and wins $20, Bev most wins and gets $30 as she beats Sue in the roll off and Denise gets the Thank You for coming prize of $10 even though no one really wanted her there.
The best part of the evening was the support and love everyone showed me...they were all cheering me on to get the 3-peet. I am so lucky to have friends like the 11 I play BuNcO with each month. They are even planning a surprise BuNcO next month but told me it was on the 37th..I am so sure that was just a mistake. They are such great great friends.
(I hope you all rot in hell:)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today Hank took Tyler to play PUTT PUTT then to the new Freedom Field at Parkside. Nicholas also wanted to go so all 4 of us went back later..for those of you that have not seen it is AMAZING. It is so nice to have a playground like that in our town. It was a beautiful day in a BEAUTIFUL park. (I of coarse forgot my camera but will post some pics next time we go:)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well you either know or do not know how much Nicholas loves IU. He has went to swim camp there the last 2 years and LOVES it. When you live in Columbus you are either for IU or Purdue and Nicholas is for IU!!! We redid his room this summer (while he was at IU) in red and white with black accent for IU. He LOVES it. When I was out shopping last week I found this PJ bottems. Usually NOTHING I buy he will wear as I have "taste for crap" (his words, not mine;) and guess what..HE LOVES THEM!!! Us Moms are alot smarter then our kids think we are:)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Its a "Fall" thing:)

Well, when most people think of FALL, they think of Pumpkins, Halloween, Leaves...WELL, not Me (or Suzanne:) WE THINK OF CANDY CORN AND PEANUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzanne lives in England, and I called her today as I was mixing it up and said "listen....what is this"..she said "candy corn and peanuts" Damn she is good:)
If you have never tried it, go buy a couple bags of candy corn and some peanuts. You will be hooked too. It almost has a Baby Ruth taste. YUMMM
I LOVE fall:)
Plus if you really think about it, it is healthy...corn is a vegetable and peanuts are a protein:)
Plus Plus..doesn't it look so nice in my new Fall Pumpkin Longaberger bowl!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I am now a working (just a little) MOM

Well, today was my first day of having a JOB. We had a meeting with the Early Step Cord. Monday we go in to get our Folders set up and Tuesday we get kids. I will work Monday - Friday from 8 to 11 or so. This is just PERFECT for me. Gets me out the door without being gone all day. Plus at my sons school so what is better..(ok having someone pay me to sit at home on my chair, but you can not have everything:)


Sunday, September 17, 2006

End of the Weekend:(

Well, it is Sunday night and the end of a beautiful weekend. The weather could not have been any nicer. I wish I could say we did all this out door things BUT we did not. Yesterday morning Tyler did have soccer and soccer pictures which was fun. (They lost again) Then yesterday afternoon we went to the MALL to get Nicholas clothes. $400.00 later and a stop at our favorite Chinese Restrauant we came home (broke). Today, I had a friend and her son come down and we went to the outlet mall and then took the kids out for pizza.
I really was hoping to get in the pool but never made it in and now the weather is getting cooler and rainy so I might have missed my last chance. Hope all your weekends were more exciting then mine.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Me Me and More ME This Week!!!!

This week has been about making the mom happy...
Monday, I went and got a haircut and hightlight.
Today I went and got a much needed pedicure and a SMOOTHIE. I have been soo good all week and have stayed away from the smoothie place but after my pedicure and Sams Club I decided MaMa needs a Smoothie;) After HOW many trips to the smoothies place they came out with punch cards, Nine punches and your 10th smoothie or sandwich for FREE!

So, I now I can honestly say, I have no grey in my hair (as it is the lightest it has ever been), my feet now look all fally with a new fall color on my toes and I do not have smoothie withdrawl anymore:)
PLUS as a added Bonus I just got the new Longaberger catalog..WOW what a week;)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Morning SOCCER....

Todays was Tylers first soccer game of the season. This year they have moved up to the BIGGER fields since he is playing 9/10 year olds. The field looks huge and they played the BIGGEST team. Tyler, who is in 3rd grade, came home and said I think we played 5th graders!!!! Needless to say, His team, the Gallaxy lost, but Tyler had fun;-)


Last night was my FAVORITE night of the month...I am sooo lucky to be in a BuNcO group with 12 FUN FUN Swim moms;) and GREAT Friends: Diane, Denise, Barb, Kathy, Jill, Bev, Tracy, Jo, Terry, Mary and Sue. Our BuNcO Group is all about FOOD, DRINKS and LAUGHING..we are ALL pretty mean to each other and really really mean to Tracy. Tracy USE to be the lucky one and was always winning. BUT things have changed and guess WHO the BIG winner has been the last 2 months...Me Me ME!!!!! We play for money and we each pay $10 each month....Most Bunco ($35), Most Wins ($30) Last Bunco ($25), Most Losses ($20) and Thanks for Showing up ($10)!!!! Well the last 2 months, I have won Most and Last Bunco, $60 each month for a Grand Total of $120.00. Can you guess who has the big Target on their ASS this month..Me Me ME:) Jill won $25 for Most WINS, Denise for Most LOSSES and Kathy for THANKS for Showing up:) Terry hosted it at her house last night and we ALL had the BEST time...some of us 60 times more then others:)
The 2 pictures I am going to try to post is ALL of us and me with the BuNcO troll and Boa!!!!
We wore BLACK in honor of Tracys 40th Birthday..Happy Sept. BuNcO Birthdays to Sue, Mary, TRACY and Denise!!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tropical Smoothie Cafe..Yes I am obsessed with this place!!!!

Well today, as I have EVERY day this week, took my $4.60 (with tax) and went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I listened to a "friend" and tried something different and not my normal Sunrise Sunset which is Strawberries, Pineapples, Oranges and Mango WITH Splenda. I got the Paradise Point which has Stawberries, Banana's and Pineapples. It was OK but I would not get it again:(
Sooooo tomorrow, I am getting the SS again. I actually need to get a job there so I can afford my daily smoothie fix.
Just incase anyone is wondering about "D". "D" is my friend who I made mad yesterday talking about Suzanne...well tonight I made her MAD again when I dumped her for Big Brother ALL STAR..I am soooo enjoying that show. I am not a huge Boogie or Erika fan so I do not want ether one to win..I am just so looking forward to Erica hearing ALL the mean things Boogie has said about her AFTER she has "slept" with him ALL summer...stupid stupid women.
SUZANNE...are you not PROUD of me...I added a picture:)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bad thing about a Blog

The bad thing about a blog is "hurting" someones feeling...I stated earlier that Suzanne knows everything!!!!!! She does know everything BUT I have this other friend who we will call "D", so she does not know that I am talking about her.....(just between us, "D" has to be the CENTER of attention). Well "D" read what I said about Suz, and she called me up and said I read what you said about Suzanne...I know alot too....Blah Blah Blah....
Well I just want to say and this has nothing to do with "D" but I have this friend named Denise (no relation to "D" (wink wink) who knows alot too..she is so nice ..wonderful and best of all SHE LOVES SMOOTHIES too from Tropical Smoothie Cafe, even if it is the peach one.
So what I was trying to say is I am so LUCKY to have 2 friends who know soooo much!!!!
Thanks Suzanne and DENISE for being such GOOD friends.

It's Wednesday and do you know what you are having for Dinner?

First of all, A HUGE Thank You to Suzanne, the women who KNOWS everything (and then moved away:( She has helped me today add some stuff to a BLOG I really do not need but had to have since she has one;) I know if you have read this you have already noticed the Magic 8 ball which ONLY tells the TRUTH....How do I know this, WELL, I ask it if I was going to lose weight and it said YES!!! So go ask the Great GREEN 8 Ball your question and see what he/she has to say to you.
Incase anyone wants to know, I have a NEW favorite place. We just got a Tropical Smoothie Cafe here, and the Sunrise/Sunset with Splenda is WONDERFUL. I figure it out (actually Denise did, but I am good at stealing other peoples credit so we will just say I did;) and it is 3 WW pts. Yum Yum YUM. The man today said the fat buster one is really good so I might actually try that tomorrow. (Rememeber what the Green 8 Ball had to say to me;) Some people have StarBucks, I have Tropical Smoothie Cafe.
It took me forever today to figure out what to make for dinner..drum roll please....
Homemade Mac and Cheese and Meatballs in BBQ and Sweet & Sour Sauce. I went for EASY.
If I knew how to add a picture I would have added a pic on my smoothie since it is the most exciting thing going on right now. BUT till Suzanne shows me that step, NO pictures. I wonder if they have a book for Blogging for Dummies?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Recipe of the Day..since I can not think of anything else to talk about:)

Today my parents, sister and niece came over and we had RIBS, Corn on the Cob, German Potatoe Salad, Coleslaw and BLACK BEANS and RICE...YUMMMMM I am starting my recipe blog where I STEAL and someones recipe (I am sooo FAMOUS for this;) and rename it "Diana's Famous Whatever"
SOOOOO here it is:
Diana's FAMOUS Black Beans and Rice
3 cans Black Beans (undrained)
1 T vinegar
1 bell pepper chopped
1 onion chopped
2 Ham Hocks or Smoked Necks
Enough water to cover

Cook on Medium heat for atleast 1 hour..I cook for around 5 hours on low. The liquid will cook down so you might need to add a little more as it cooks. (Take the necks or Ham Hocks out before serving:)
When it is almost done cook 1 bag of Saffron Rice (yellowgold Bag) according to the olive oil directions. Fluff with fork and serve with Black Beans on top. YUMMM this is so GOOD.
(thanks Marci;)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Not to be OUTDONE:-)

Well, I guess you can say I am a COPYCAT..Not to be outdone by SUZANNE, I to had to get a blog..not that I have anything going on in my life:)
I do not live out of the country...(unless you live in another country then I guess I do:)
I will try to find something fun to write about so I might need to branch out of my boring life....take up a hobby....join a bowling league (don't laugh..I was ask to join one)..well I guess I will have to think of SOMETHING to do;-)