Saturday, August 25, 2007

Freakishly TALL?

For those of you that know Tyler he is FUNNY....he says the FUNNEST things without trying to be funny. He has a answer to everything and a smart mouth (yes, he is a mini me:)
I was at my parent last weekend and my dad said I found the picture of when you went to Washington DC in the 6th grade. So I looked at the picture and was SHOCKED to find out I was in the 6th grade 35 years ago...hello I am only 29 so how can that be?
So I look for me and say to the kids "can you find me" Nicholas just laughed and said you had emos (sp) back then...I said NO and he said YES YOU DID. Neither kid was having much luck finding me so I said I am in the back row. Tyler said that is the teacher row...I said and the tall kids..he said that is YOU. "WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKISHLY TALL" and LAUGHED SO HARD. He has brought neighbor kids in the house to show them the picture of his FREAKISHLY TALL MOM. I know I have always been tall but I am sorry no one has ever called me FREAKISHLY tall till now. Can I tell you how hard my dad laughed too!!
*I am in the back row next to the teacher:)
**When I wanted to wear a shoe with a HEEL on it my mom would say to me "what do you want to do, eat soup off of other peoples heads" Then I did not think it was it makes me laugh!
***For those of you that have been asking my mom is not doing well at ALL. She is sleeping most of the day, not eating at all and getting weaker. My neice that lives in Atlanta was up this week and she had a really hard time seeing her. We know she has gotten worse since FL but that was the last time Lindsey has seen her so it was a real shock to her. Keep praying she does not have to suffer..we just do not want her to be in pain.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to MY DEAR HUSBAND

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear OLD Hank
Happy Birthday to you

Hope you are having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in China.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What Hank & Tim are really doing in China:)

Thanks to SUZANNE for doing these for me!!! They CRACK ME UP:)
The only thing missing is a cigar in both their mouths:-)

What we do in our spare time....

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, last night was BuNcO and YES fun was had by ALL!! Too much GOOD food, Way to many laughs and Lots of BuNcO's.
The winners of the night were....drum roll please...
*Most Buncos was a tie between Bev and Kathy and BEV won in the 2nd roll off they had to ROLL.
*Most Wins was KATHY.
*Last Bunco was TRACY aka *itch.
*Most Losses was SAMANTHA who was subbing for Denise.
and the Thank You for showing up went to JILL.
Yes, my name is not listed as I was NOT a winner. I had 2 buncos and 1 less win then KATHY.
Funny part of last night as ALL the bunco stuff is at Jo's so thank gosh I looked before they got here so I had to go buy Dice...Jo (or is it MARK) still has the BuNcO boa and troll so we made do with SpongeBob FLAT face after BEV kept sitting on him and then TRACY decided he needed to be *reast feed. SICK SICK
BUT I did find in the BuNcO box BARBS coasters that someone (who has not confessed yet) put in the bunco box so the one picture on Barb taking her coaster home.
***YES we did have a lot of fun.

AND A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BARB who will be 23 on the 23th (yes thats her story and she is sticking to it:) and SAMANTHA the will be 40 on the 31st or if you go by BARB's Birthday Math Samantha will be 31 on the 31st:)

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's BuNcO Night!!!

Tonight is BuNcO and it is at MY HOUSE!!! I am soo ready to have some fun. My house is food is made...the drinks are chillin and I am ready to win some $.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thanks to Suzanne

Thank you to SUZANNE who PIMPED my blog for me:)
I LOVE it and can not wait till you and your kids move back NEXT summer. Our boys met in PreK and have been BEST FRIENDS since, even though they now are in England and we are in Indiana.

This is Suz and her hubby TIM who we will miss when HE has to stay months longer then them in JOLLY OLDE ENGLAND!!! lol

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Days School Days...dear old wonderful....

Actually I am not ready for school to start BUT both of my kids are. I guess being home with THE MOM made them realize how fun school is. Nicholas (8th) is ALL about the social part and Tyler (4th) just LOVES school. Here is our 2007/2008 back to school picture holding up fingers for what grade they are in. Nicholas said do I really STILL have to do this!!!
*Also in the picture is Riley and Nicholas with "Andrew" between them...I told them NEXT year he will be back for the picture....hear that TIM!!!
**DUH...I just realized that Nicholas did not have his fingers up YET!!
***Sooo what did the mom do today? Went to the Bank, Verizon, Outlet Mall:) and Tropical Smoothie for my kids are back at school and I am still home smoothie...aka Cranberry Crush!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Honk, for the end of SUMMER

This is what came to my door today.....

Nicholas has a friend, RILEY, who is FUNNY. This is what he came to my door in and this is how Nicholas left with him. The middle kid is a little smarter then the other 2.
Tomorrow school starts and this is their last Hoopla!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Y=Youthful (Y is a HARD ONE)

Happy 10th Birthday TYLER
We LOVE You!!!
*I think Ty had a good Birthday. He had 5 boys spend the night on Wednesday and they PLAYED, SWAM and ATE CANDY, PIZZA, CANDY, ICE CREAM CAKE and MORE CANDY!! Today Hank took him to breakfast as I have been at my moms for the last few days and tomorrow I am going back early and spending Sunday night there and Hank is bringing Nicholas and Tyler in the afternoon for a while.
Tuesday the kids go back to school and I can honestly say I am not ready for them to go back at ALL. It is TO HOT and TOO SOON.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

139 Days BUT who is Shopping Already..Oh that would be ME!!

Yes, in 139 short days it will be CHRISTMAS!!!! And YES, I made my first purchase for Christmas today. I love Amazon and got a couple great deals so I bought what does any GREAT friend tell SUZANNE so she can buy the same thing that I bought for Christmas:)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Mom Update

We have been spending more time in Cinti since Swim if done for a few weeks. We had planned to go down today but yesterday she had really bad day so I ended up going down and staying all day. She was so confused and sleeping most of the day. TODAY she was a different person!!! This was the best day I have seen her have in a while and it was WONDERFUL!!! She was awake most of the time we were there....she ate a litte (and I do been a LITTLE). Hospice said she will have good and bad days and we are so THANKFUL for the good days. It was a great family day and we are ALL happy with each one we get.