Sunday, December 24, 2006

Then it was Tuesday:(

Like I was saying..I WAS feeling really good then Tuesday got up and poured my 90 cc of Propel and drank it in 2/3 gulps instead of sipping and the pain started. It hurt to breathe or move. Around 1 we drove part of the way up the Franklin and I "thought" I was feeling better so we came 4:30 we were back and they said I must have had a weak spot and when I drank to fast it reputured so I was back in surgery that night. It was not what I was planning at all and I did not take it well. They did not think I would be home for Christmas but I got out today and am THRILLED. Can I saw I can not believe the differece in how I feel. I have no energy, came home with drainage tubes and am not doing anything but I am HOME. Hank held it all together with the kids and no one was missed anything. We have some GREAT friends who were a HUGE help. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Its Monday:-)

Well I got home Friday around 6:00 and I have to say I feel pretty good. I am sore today and I know that is because I did to much this weekend. Saturday I actually made Chicken Soup so I would have homemade broth instead of can broth to eat. We wrapped Christmas gifts Saturday night untill 11:30/12:00 so that was a lot of bending and moving and yesterday my parents and sister came up and we went to Sams Club, which as a lot of walking. I actually cut my mom and dads hair before they left (Tylers later that night) and then SAT and watched Survivor!!! My mom and sister both brought meals up for this week and I even did chicken and noodles in the crockpot for them to eat before they left . Yes, it smelled so good, but I am on a dixie cup size cup of clean liquids once a hour. So for now it is gatoraid, propel, chicken broth and jello for me. I would LOVE to have a mint since I still have that "crappy" taste in my mouth.
I can say the surgery was much better then I was expecting. Wednesday and Thursday were not the most "fun" days but by Friday is was so much better. Personally I think once I was off the Morphine and on a liquid pain med. I did sooo much better:)
I own Diane H a appology since I feel asleep when she was there. (I do feel really bad about that)
DENISE, Yes I am mentationing your name, YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND A GIRL CAN EVER HAVE...Thanks for ALL you did which is more then I can all say. You were a huge help to Hank and your Christmas picture you drew was the first thing I saw each day. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!
I am happy to be home and even happier that the surgery to over with. Worrying about it was worse then the actual surgery.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tomorrow is the BIG Day:)

Well for those of you that know and those that do not...tomorrow is my Gastric Bypass surgery. I am having the RNY type (howfully Lapro). I thought I would be nervous but so far I am not at all (which I take as a really good sign:)
I do not think I have ever though anything out as much as this..someone said today to me "you have thought about it for 3 years" I said NO, I have said for 3 years I would not do it but after a lot of research, thought and praying I realized this is what I NEED to do. Soo my next post will be in a few days and I will let you ALL know how it went. Thanks to ALL who have been so supportive of me and MY decision.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Parade & Breakfast with Santa

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the year. We had the Columbus Christmas Parade and Breakfast with Santa in Brown County. Tyler was in the parade with Cub Scouts and Hank walked and gave out CANDY:-)
The parade has gotten alot longer and the PIG was my favorite. And YES, We sat with Denise and her family (Jill and hers too;). Denise wanted her name mention in my blog..personally I think she needs to get her own blog and she can talk about herself in it.
The next day we did our ANNUAL Breakfast with Santa. We have been doing this every year and it is a favorite in our family. My mom and dad and my sister and her kids come down. AND yes...we now have the oldest kids there but we still have FUN.