Tuesday, July 31, 2007

State Recap

First let me say we had a FUN weekend as we always do when we are ALL together;-)
I did not like the place where State was held this year. Fishers is a BEAUTIFUL new school BUT they do not have enough seating and if they want parents to bring chairs and sit in the hallways THEN have a PA system or someone announcing what race they are on. It was HOT and CROWED in the pool area and cool in the hallways but you had NO IDEA what was going on.
Now on to Nicholas....
Friday was his 800 Free and it was probally the WORSE swim of his life. (I am not being mean as he would admitt this) He added a bunch of time got out of the pool and leaned and slide down the wall holding his stomach..and then went to the bathroom and got sick. The one coach said to me "I have seen painful swims before but that one won the prize" He did not eat before he swam as he is not a breakfast eater but he never eats so weither that was the reason or not who knows..
Saturday and Sunday he swam the 400 & 200 Free and 200 & 100 back and took time off and had personal best but not enough to come back in the evening for finals. Sooo what do we know after this weekend?
1. You can not stop swimming for 3 months to play basketball and come back the way you WANT to BUT he realized then he LOVED and missed swimming so it was worth it. He needed to figure this out for himself.
2. Going to Florda in July for a week when you are tapering is not the best idea BUT it was a week we had with my mom and honestly it was the only week she has been well enought to go the whole summer so it was worth it.
3.Short Coarse State in March is 8 months away and he wants to be ready and plans on working even harder.

I would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Conner C for having he meet of his life. Conner is a 11/12 age grouper swimmer and that boy can FLY. Conner ages up SOON and Nicholas can not wait for him to be the FLY on the relay!!! Thank you to Denise* for giving birth to such a NICE GREAT STATE SWIMMER;-)
*You know how she likes her name mention ALL the time)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


This weekend Nicholas is swimming state. You can pick 5 events to swim and he is swimming the 800 free, 400 free, 200 free, 200 back and the 100 back plus he is swimming the 3 relays.
So what did we do today....We cut his hair SHORT (his last haircut was in March for state), we made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for the weekend and we made spaghetti for dinner.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Prayers Needed

My mom has gotten a little worse...she went to the Dr today and has Blood Clots in both legs, Congestive Heart Failure and a Bladder or Kidney Infection. Hospice brought in a Hospital Bed today and they are staying 24 hours for now. Please pray that she can get through this.
We picked Tyler up from camp tonight and he said I ask them to PRAY for Grandma that her Cancer goes away. Can I tell you how that BROKE my heart. It was one of the first things he said when he got in the car.

This picture was taken LAST week in Florida and YES she is drinking a BEER:-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Napoleon Dynamite

The one night when we were out to Dinner the kids saw the Busboy and thought he looked like Napoleon Dynamite with straight hair;-)
My dad had NO idea WHY he got his picture taken with this kid and the kid had NO idea WHY I wanted to take his picture with my dad....lol

Nicholas Swimming

Sunday was the Seymour meet and I took this picture of Nicholas and I LOVE IT!!!

Vacation Pictures

Here are some pictures from our VACATION!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes, we are Back!

We got back Saturday afternoon and we did have a lot of fun but it was a DIFFERENT vacation. It is one that we will never forget and we will always be THANKFUL that we had. When a doctor tells you your mom has 1 to 2 month to live a feeling comes over you that you can not explain. (yes, I am sitting here crying now). We were SO LUCKY to have a week in Florida with ALL of us. We had a 3 bedroom condo and we were ALL together. My sister and her 2 girls, us and my parents. My dear husband PULLED the wheel chair through the sand EVERYDAY so my mom could sit on the beach and drink a beer (or 2 or 3:) as she LOVES to do. We helped my dad in and out of the gulf everyday and when I saw my 14 year take his Grandpa's arm to help him cross the street I was one proud mom!!!
We LOVED where we stayed and we ate at different places this year and loved them. My mom and I shared meals which worked out perfect for both of us. She napped each day and went to bed early but she could lay in her bed and see the gulf through the doors in there bedroom.
I will post pictures SOON as I JUST had Nicholas get my camera out of my purse.

Sunday Nicholas swam in a swim meet and did well. He made finals in everything so we were there in the AM and back for the evening BUT as usual the FUN group of friends that we have tailgated at the meet so they grilled FOOD all day long;) State is NEXT weekend so we are planning on tailgating again.
Tyler left for camp on Sunday and can I tell you how much I miss the little boy. It is sooo quiet here as he TALKS ALL THE TIME!!! I have not stepped on a lego all week and have not had to say AHHH as he tried to get the LAST word in !!!! He gets back Friday night and I know he is having a BALL!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Tonight was BuNcO....our FAVORITE night of the month and GUESS what? We never played. Yes, 12 of us showed up....Paid our $10 and sat in Barbs BEAUTIFUL Garden area with the cats and fish swimming in the pond and TALKED and TALKED and TALKED!!! It was a beautiful night and we all had fun. AND guess what...TRACY DID NOT WIN as we did not PLAY!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tyler aka The CupCake KING!!!

I have this "friend" who now is the CupCake queen and was not the cupcake queen when she lived here!!! Well let me tell you Tyler made some BEAUTIFUL cupcake too!!!
These were made at 11:00 oclock at night and done be decorated at 12:45 at night. He had a BALL!!!

Happy 4th of July

Last night we went to the QMix fireworks and they were pretty good:)
I was impressed with how well my camera took pictures of fireworks on the Firework setting.
Today we had 5 other familys over for a cookout and swim and we had NO rain till after dinner BUT we have SOOO Much food left over;(


Here is the team, the coaches and the BatGirls and BatBoy:-)
*Why is my Fridge door open in the picture of Tyler and his trophy? I just noticed that........

Monday, July 02, 2007

Burger King WINS!!!

Can I tell you what a happy mom I am tonight as Tylers Ball Team WON the championship tonight!!!! I will post pictures tomorrow of the team.
I brought 50 hots dogs, chips, drinks and cookies for the team and families so in between the 2 games they had something to eat and drink and they really are a NICE group of kids and parents so it was a FUN season then afterwards BK said if we won to bring the kids in for FREE food!! The kids got to order what ever they wanted and they were HAPPY and I have to say VERY polite!! Thank you to Burger King for making 10 boys HAPPY!!! And Thank you to Coach Beamish and the Asst coaches for a GREAT season!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nicholas Family Birthday Dinner

My sister brought my mom and dad up today for Nicholas BDay dinner. This is the first time since we found out that my mom has Pancreatic Cancer (that has spread to her liver) that she has been up. It was a tiring day for her BUT I do think the change of scenery was good for her. She did not eat much (anything) as you can tell by her plate. We are STILL planning on taking them to FL next Saturday for a week so keep PRAYING we get them there as she really wants to go and it will be all 8 of us for a week!! (Pray that my dad has patience with the kids:)
*The purple braclet that Nicholas is wearing is for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. My mom has on a purple pin that you can see in the picture too:) My sister got us all braclets and pins to wear!!!
PanCan.org for more info on Pancreatic cancer.

More Pictures