Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes I Do!!!

More then you will ever know....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

This week is our Spring Break..can I say "WAY TO EARLY". We have had to many snow days so a few weeks from now I will feel like I need a Break but not now..PLUS everyone here seems to go to Florida and it is just not HOT there yet.
Both boys did get to go away...Nicholas went to Florida with the Diehns and Tyler went to Great Wolf Lodge with the other 1/2 of Columbus who did not go to Florida for a few days:)
I got to stay home and CLEAN!!! I have been going through "stuff" all week and getting ready to have a Garage Sale. Fun Fun Fun..Tyler had a garbage bag of SHOES in his closet that do not fit..why we did not throw them away I have NO idea..
I did go tonight and get a WONDERFUL pedicure..ahhhh...Denise had given me a GC for my birthday and I was saving it up for flip flop weather. It was actually embarressing when she scrapped my heels.."Let it snow, Let it snow. Let it snow" is the first thing that comes to mind. (not good) THEN I went to Sams and bought ME this little outdoor table that I fell in love with last time we were there..I have a whole "wish list" of "stuff" I want from Sams when Hank gets a job or we win the lottery..You can have Disney World..I am going to Sams Club.
Sooooo here is a picture of what my new outdoor table looks like BUT I got it in a red color:) I just can not wait to fill her up...lol
(it does not take a whole lot to make me happy:)