Friday, April 25, 2008

I got Me THIS to go with THAT:)

Since I bought my Margarita maker I bought this to go with it:) It is ALL about accessorizing!!

I have found the BEST online store called HIPKRAFT and they have really cute shirts with different saying on them and they ship FAST and there quality is great. You really should go check them out:)
*No, I do not own the store or work for them..I just like them !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I bought ME a little gift last week and it came TODAY!!! I figured this was the kind of gift that keeps giving and giving:)
I can not wait to try it out. It makes a gallon of Margaritas!!!

What can my reason be for having a party this week....
It honestly does NOT take a whole lot to make me REALLY HAPPY!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

She has a BLOG!!

My friend DENISE now has a BLOG!!! WOOHOO for her! Stop on over and welcome her! She is FUNNY and one of my very best friends and I know you will LOVE her!!!
My other very best friend SUZANNE "pimped" her blog too. It is sooo nice:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Word Sunday

I have 2 pictures this week as I missed last week:(
The BIG news here is the "EarthQuake" we had on Friday morning. I of coursed MISSED it but Tyler felt it. My other picture is of Tyler with is DI 1st place metal!! He is so happy and we are trying to put the FUN back in Fundraising;)

Thanks again Melissa for doing this!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We were there..Where were you?

This post is for SUZANNE as we were at her house today but NO ONE WAS HOME:( I took a couple pictures for her and would have taken MORE if my camera battery had not went DEAD on me!

Even if I have to say so myself..she has the CUTEST lawn boy cutting her grass;)

Enjoy the pictures Suzanne.
*FYI the picture of the paint on the wall is the color she is "testing" I think it has darkend so I took a picture to show her:)

Friday, April 18, 2008

We Survived the EARTHQUAKE of 2008 PARTY!!

Yes, we can think of a reason to have a party so this was the one we had tonight. Jill sent a email out today inviting people to her house but since Hank is GONE and I made Nicholas stay home last weekend for BuNcO and I could not leave Tyler home alone I said "can we do it here"! So it was names We survived the Earthquake of 2008 Party:)
Jill brought her "Bucket of Ritas" and I made a few appitizers and had beer and pineapple juice and banana rum (YUMM). There was 6 of us and we sat outside by the pool and it was a BEAUTIFUL night. I just ordered the Margarator's Margarita Maker and can not wait to get it:)
I am sure it will be used this summer.
I am so happy the weather is getting nicer. I floated this afternoon and Tyler and his friend swam after school today also.
*Funny story is the one mom who was here son just turned 16 and got his licence. Nicholas went to the movie with Ryne and since you can not drive anyone for 90 days after you get your license RYNE drove to the movies alone and Rynes mom took Nicholas. Poor Jo has to get up in the morning and take Nicholas to swim and Ryne can drive himself. (Thanks Jo:)

A WHOLE LOT of Shakin' Going On!!!

We had a EARTHQUAKE at 5:39 this morning. I walked in the door from taking Nicholas to swim and Tyler and the dog are standing in the entry WAITING for me!! I said "WHY are you up" he says "the whole house was shaking and their was a LOUD bomb and it woke me up". I am thinking Yeah, right!!! Well a few minutes later my friend** calls CRYING and said "did you feel the earthquake". She called her husband and made him come home from work. The news is saying it was a 5.4! I am shocked and I missed the whole thing!!! I can not wait to hear if Nicholas felt it at the pool. I do have MAJOR mother guilt as Tyler was scared and I was not here!! Where is the H*LL is my husband when I need him..Oh yeah, CHINA!!!
*Maxie has gotten sick 3 times today. My question is if you have a DOG that is LOW to the ground (ok, REALLY low to the ground:) does a Earthquake make them sick. My poor CHUBBY dog does not feel well at all!! She is just LAYING on her pillow with sad eyes. (She wants to know where HANK is too).
**Denise wants me to say she was ONLY crying as she thought her house was falling down the hill she lives on. Lord knows she does not want anyone to think she i s a (ok, are you HAPPY now:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Let the FUNDRAISING Begin...

Well, we had our DI parent meeting tonight at our house and we are TRYING to raise $5000 JUST to pay with registration fees ($4000) and the shirts and stuff for the kids. ALL of our rooms, food and gas is extra. ALL we keep hearing about is the PIN trading. They say each kid needs at least 30 pins each and they are $4 each...That is $120 x 7 kids.
Some of are ideas we came up with is selling Popsicles at recess, Car wash, Market day for the month of May, Movie night at school, Chuck E Chee$e night, Elsbury certificates and hitting up businesses in the area:)
The meeting did get us ALL excited for the kids and what they are going to experience.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Tyler's DI group came in 1st in their CHALLENGE (Obstacles) and is going to GLOBALS the end of MAY!!! This is in Tennessee! We NOW get to FUNDRAISING as it is $500 a kid plus the same for adults! We were SO PROUD of them!!!! It was a LONG day as we left by 730 and were not home till after 7 today. We had a 5 hour wait between our 2 challenges and the awards part. 4 families had to leave so it was only the coach and 3 kids there for the awards. They RAN up when there names were called and the moms sat there and SCREAMED and HUGGED (yes I CRIED)!!
We are SO darn excited for them!!


Last night was BuNcO and ALL I can say is I have 11 friends who are a BUNCH of B@@bs*. I left my camera sitting at a table and today I found 24 B@@BS* on it. Yes, 11 women took pictures of their B@@Bs* and their FEET with MY CAMERA!! I should post the damn things (all 24 of them) BUT I am really not trying to get a bunch of OLD men who want to see a BUNCH of 40 year old B@@BS* (or feet to my blog)!
TRUST me NEXT month I will keep my camera WITH ME!!
So instead I will just say last night was FUN again...
Diane had MOST BUNCOS!
Barb had LAST BUNCO!
Sue had MOST WINS!
Terry had Most Loses!
AND DENISE (the picture taker) had the THANK YOU FOR COMING and taking 11 B@@B* shots with my camera prize!!
*I guess I should say they were more CLEAVAGE Shots!

The DRUNKO BUNCO Shirt was bought HERE!!! REALLY Cute shirts so you should CHECK THEM OUT!!! They have a lot of different shirts..really cute wine, margerita and martini ones:)

Friday, April 11, 2008


This is what got me UP and out the door by 8 this morning to the gym!

"I can't expect much when I don't put much into it"

4 days this week so I am HAPPY!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This and a little of THAT

Another HUGE THANKS to Suzanne for Pimping my BLOG again:)
Love the NEW look for spring and summer!!! I would have NO idea how to do this and she does a GREAT job!

Tomorrow is BuNcO and I am looking forward to it! We ALWAYS have a GREAT time as it is a FUN bunch of moms:-)

Saturday, Tyler's DI team goes to State so we are meeting at 7:30 and it will be a LONG day. His team is doing the obstacle coarse challenge. They have to tell a story with out words and have a moving vehicle that you have to somehow change and you can not touch. They did REALLY well on that part but they had trouble with the instant challenge. This is where they are given a challenge and have a certain amount of time to do that task. They have NO idea what it is till they walk in the room. (Think of that one Drew Carey's show).

Hankster left for China today for 2 1/2 weeks. It is hard when he is gone as it is ME doing everything and I can not go to the gym in the morning :(
Mom of the year actually ask today if I could bring my 10 year old in and let him sit at a table when I drop Nicholas off at swim at 5:00 in the morning. They said YES so I might do this a few mornings a week and see how it works out. I LOVE going then as it is not busy and it gets me modivated for the DAY.

I need to go through the kids clothes and see what they need for spring/summer and get stuff together for a garage sale and Ebay. I love love love EBAY!!!

Pool water was 83 today so mama will be floating soon:)
*It now 85 so WOOHOO!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

First SWIM (Dive) of the YEAR!!

Tyler was the FIRST brave one to get into the POOL this year..Yes, I know we are early birds but we have a heat pump on the pool and the water is 74 so when you are 10 that is WARM enough..when you are ....cough sit in the lounge chair and take pictures:)
*I hope you enjoy this SUZANNE:-)
Another short month and I see me and you FLOATING..unless you decide you need to paint again!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Front Porch

Today we painted the front porch, railing and garage door! Yesterday I painted the chairs and table and I have to say I am very HAPPY with how it turned out. The door is PURPLE (I know it does not look like it in the picture).

Almost in High School (3 Word Sunday)

Nicholas wants to go to the "other" High School. We only have 2, North and East (how orginal:)

We had to file a transfer and he got the letter yesterday so he will be a BULLDOG next year!! He is more then ready for high school and I have to say I am ready for him to go to!! (ask me in August and I might be saying different)!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

GoodBye Diehns

Our good friends the DIEHNS have been here for 3 weeks and are leaving tomorrow to go back to ENGLAND for 94 more SHORT days before they move back for good!!! Nicholas and Andrew have been BEST FRIENDS since PreK and have so missed each other. Our families are very good friends and we can not wait till they are back in the USA where they belong again! It has been a great 3 weeks and we already miss you but we do know there is a END IN SITE!!