Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Word Sunday

It has been a BUSY week and we are finally cooling down so today I got out my Halloween decorations..I am not sure when I ever got them out this early but since I was CLEANING today I decided I might as well pull it all out!! I made a Apple Crisp and 2 Apple Pies this weekend. I also went and bought CandyCorn and Peanuts to make my FAVORITE fall snack that I should have never made as I LOVE THEM!!!
Friday night we were are a friends in Cinti for our Couple night and Pam had the Hershey Kisses in the CandyCorn flavor..I thought they were the cutest things ever and they taste just like CandyCorn. I can not say they are my favorite as I am not a huge white chocolate lover but they are CUTE!!!

Happy 3 Word Sunday:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 Word Sunday

Today (Sunday, Sept. 22) is 2 years since my mom passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and there is not a day that passes that I do not think of her or my dad. As much as I know that she and my dad are in a better place and she is not not suffering anymore I still want them both here!!! I miss them but I so miss them for my kids..they would be amazed at Nicholas but the change in Tyler in these 2 years has been AMAZING. My mom was a GREAT Mom but a even GREAT Grandma..her Grandkid meant the world to her and she was so happy when she was around them and they LOVED her...Mom we miss you and love you!!!

My parents would have been so PROUD for Tyler as he did make the All-Star team in football!!! This is the 1st year he has wanted to play and he has done GREAT and he was ask to try out from his Coach and he made it!!! WTG Tyler!!!
His team is the Red Skins and they ended there season with their 1st loss!!! The play off part starts next week! Today was the first time I really wanted to RUN out of the field as he tackled a kid and the kid went down on him and he had the Wind knocked out of him..when he stood up he was swaying back and forth and could not stand straight..His Coach was in front of him so he did not see till parents started YELLING you have a hurt player..the Coach turned around as the Asst. Coach got him down on the ground for a bit and he sat out of the game for a play and was right back in. WTG Ty!!!

**Pugmama puts all the 3 Word Sunday pictures to Music on Mondays..They usually ALWAYS make me Cry!!! I have to say I just love the blog friends I have met!! Thanks M!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 Word Sunday

Tyler's football team (Redskins) played the other undefeated team yesterday and his team WON!!! So this makes their season 6-0 with next Saturday as the last regular game before play-offs. He has NEVER wanted to play football before this year and he is LOVING it!!! He is actually really good and has tried out for the All Star team and will find out tomorrow if he made it or not!!! He made 5 tackles yesterday and had a GREAT game.

Nicholas' good friend, Will and his family are moving to Hershery PA. We will so miss Will and his older brother John and their family. Both boys swim and the team will not be the same. They are known as the "Lee Boys" and both amazing swimmers!! Will is on the right and John on the left with Nicholas in the middle. We stopped over today to say our Goodbyes:(