Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bunco..Derby Style

Friday Night was BuNcO and we did a DERBY theme one..As requested, here are the Bunco
Bev came dressed as a JOCKEY (with a horse and whip) and wins the BEST dressed Jockey player there!!!
(OK..maybe she was the only Jockey player there BUT she LOOKED great..we ALL agreed she did not just buy that whip as we all know that Bart can be a Bad Bad Boy sometimes:)

Denise's Hat was BEAUTIFUL!!! and she even matched her clothes to it!!!!
Tracy had another beautiful hat also and it even had BIRDS nesting in it:)
Mine had a horse on top as I am a A$$
Sue, Jennifer, Jill, Lora, Joanne ALL had Hats on..)
Hummm who am I missing..SUZANNE and DIANE did not wear a HAT!!! I have to say I am SURPRISED at Diane as she usually has a costume for everything!!
Kathy had another beauty on even if at one time it was a Baseball cap and she even had a Derby scarf..since we are talking about KATHY..OMG..she brought a Beautiful Fruit pizza that she cut into lovely squares that someone..not trying to point fingers at anyone SUZANNE did not see and cut into triangles..needless to say KATHY spent sometime trying to make the cuts look pretty again (I even saw some fruit pizza anger as she pitched (with her hands) some on a
KATHY also brought tortilla pizza things she has MARKED so Diane (WHO DID NOT WEAR A HAT) would know which to eat with out veggies in them..
Tracy made some quiche thing that was WONDERFUL...I need the recipe as I know it really is a Diana's famous Quiche:)
The FOOD was ALL wonderful..desserts, pizza dip, wontons (Yummm), chicken, pizza things..Honestly NOTHING heatlhy which makes for a GREAT Bunco night..Jill has Bourbon slush, different beers and wine coolers..
Snacks on the table were GREAT..we (SUE) loved the M&Ms as she wrote LOSER in them to Jill when Jill was looking for her score card that somehow ended up in Sue's shirt..That SUE is such a instigator:)
Kathy went to the bathroom ONCE and learned her lesson as she came back and her chair was missing..(I am sure SUE had something to do with that also:)
So..what do we know about OUR group..
1. If you go to the bathroom. Take your chair with you:)
2. Never leave your score card at the table
3. Do not say if I post a picture of YOUR Muffin top you will DIVORCE me as YOU better believe I will post a picture of YOUR Muffin top and A$$!!!