Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is that time of year again..

Yes, that was a tear as it is back to school time in Indiana. I have to say this was probably the least ready I was for going back to school. The summer went way to fast and I love whatever days:) Tyler could not wait to go back to school and is a MIDDLE SCHOOLER this year as he is in 7th grade and is LOVING every minute of it!!

Nicholas on the other hand was enjoying his 2 weeks off of swim so he feels (and I agree) that summer was just starting for him. He is now in 11th grade (OMG, I have a JUNIOR!!!) A friend of mine told me about how she has her kids hold up a finger for each year (Nicholas is holding up a 1 finger for each hand as a 11:) I posted these on Facebook and Nicholas said "Do not tag me in these pictures"...lol

I can not get over how both boys have GROWN up and if I have to say so myself they are both Handsome and great kids!! I know we are LUCKY and I thank God everyday for letting me be their mom!!

I am so behind and have more post to catch up on..Tylers 13th Bday and his first football game:)
I need a new camera as my pictures have been AWFUL!!..any suggestions??

Sunday, August 08, 2010

They did GREAT

Nicholas and Conner did GREAT at the Triathlon on Saturday. They went out together and came in together and had the top 2 times..I said to Nicholas your times were so much faster then so many others and he pointed out that if he was doing ALL 3 things he would not have been able to swim that hard…Next year he wants to do it all and not be on a team so this was a GREAT experience and I am so proud that he did it!! I love these pictures as you can see how HARD they tried..Did I say how PROUD I am !!! 
tri   tri 1 tri 3 tri 4tri5tri 6tri 7Allen Smith from the Biggest Loser was there and was NICE enough to have his picture done with Denise and I and the boys:) He is just as nice as he was on the show..Best part of this is..THIS picture is his profile picture on Facebook..Yep we are FAMOUS!!!

AllenAllen 2

Friday, August 06, 2010

Columbus Challenge Sprint Triathlon

Nicholas is doing the swimming part in a local Triathlon tomorrow. He has 2 friends that are doing the biking and the running part!!! Go Boys!!!