Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Fall Festival is OVER!!!

The Fall Festival is OVER!!! WOoooHOoooo!!!
It was a huge sucess. I am TIRED and my feet are killing me. I left the house at 8:15 in the morning as I had to go to the Gyno for my annual (more info then you needed to know:) was at school by 9:15 and got home at 10 last night. We had a lot of people there. We were about PERFECT on food as we had 3 small tubes chili left and 2 1/2 packs of hot dogs. The unopened nacho cheese we stored till March for the talent show and the leftover soda we sold for $4 a case and it was ALL gone. The bake sale was GREAT!!! One grandfather made a turtle cheesecake from SCRATCH and we sold it for $3 a slice and it was gone FAST. We had three 6 foot tables PACKED of items that looked and smelled WONDERFUL:)
The hat walk was a HUGE hit as they kids LOVED the shaggy hats we had. Hank worked the Obsicle coarse and he said he knows 500 kids did it as most went 2 at a time as it was 2 coarses that they could race on. FUN!!!! We use a carnival company that brings the games and prices so we just have to have the workers and we do the food. The hat walk was our game as we added it a few years ago but this years hats were the best. I brought my camera and took 2 pictures of Tyler at a table with 5 girls but my battery was about dead so that was all I took. He hung around with HER daughter (2 from right in pic:) the whole night so I am thinking we need to start planning the wedding!!! I had 2 friends that do not have kids there come help..Bev helped mark bake good items during the day and Denise came to run a game that was a add-on that night but I had a parent say she want to do something so she did it instead.
Tyler said it was the BEST fall festival yet so I am happy as this is the reason I do this every year. I have 1 more to head up as Ty will be a 6th grader next year:(

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Festival

Tonight is the Fall Festival that I have headed up at my sons school. Can I just TELL you how happy I will be when tonight it over. I feel this way every year (this is my 4th year). We have around 18/20 game booths, a chili/hot dog dinner and a bake sale. As of RIGHT now I have ALL my volunteers for everything and 1 extra BUT that could ALL change today and tonight with parents forgetting or something coming up. My worry now is that my 18 people will forget to bring in their chili and my 145 people will forget to bring in there bake sale items.
Tyler has counted down the days for this for a few weeks now as he LOVES it AND this is why I do this every year. I have my camera so HOPEFULLY I will remember to take a few pictures:)

*On a side one of my 1st grade kids that I work with (who is ADORABLE) said to be yesterday in the middle of a lesson, "It is so nice to have you Mrs. Wang, It is so nice to have you" he had the most serious look on his face and was so sincere and I just looked at him and laughed.."he said "I am not joking Mrs. Wang" I said I am SO happy to have the 3 of you to work with too". They had went on a field trip the day before so I did not work with them and he MISSED me!!!
Can I just tell you how much I love my job (most days). It is so nice to be loved and 1st graders are HAPPY to see you (my 3rd graders I work with are a different story:)
I had another one tell me that Meatology is the study of meat...why he told me this I have NO idea but it was important at the

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I do not think I talk about my dog a lot on here so I decided since Tyler took a BUNCH of pictures of her this week I would do a post on her. We got Maxie from the pound around 6 years ago..She was around 6 to 8 months when we got her..I know she looks a lot older then that. I have to say I am not a "dog person" BUT she is the BEST dog ever. She LOVES her crate and her pillow. We leave it open and she goes in and out, ok in more then out as she is not a ball of energy. She LOVES Hank and when he calls we put the phone up to her ear and on her back she goes. She looks like a seal as her BUTT is much bigger then her head. She does not know a stranger..just pet her and she is your friend!! She does not run away..actually she does not run period..she is more of a waddler..I think she is me in a dog actually:)


A few days ago I heard what sounded like water running but a different sound then I usually hear. A little bit later I noticed my family room ceiling. I have no idea what exactly TYLER did in his bathroom. All I have heard is he filled his sink up (and I am thinking left the water ON) and put his face in the sink to "wake" himself up. This is what I saw...
If any of you "know" us well, it seems to be when Hank is gone something ALWAYS happens and a lot of time it involves water. Yes, we will be getting the ceiling repainted soon.

I ask Tyler that night, what he thought his dad would say to him when he saw it..his responce was "I am sure dad would say not to be so hard on me"


Sunday as I was decorating the back yard with fall decorations Tyler and his friend were swimming. Our weather got a little cooler and now it is hot again. I do have to say I am ready for fall but not winter as I HATE COLD and SNOW.
Hank built a deck on the other side of the pool for more chair space:) It will come in handy in the summer. We..ok HE still needs to do the side railings and we ..ok HE is doing a tall back.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Almost 2 weeks later

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I got my tattoo and I LOVE it!!! This weekend it was peeling and not real pretty but all the dryed dead skin came off and it looks GREAT. The colors are bright and it has so much meaning to me!!! I look at it and it makes me smile as it makes me think of my parents. I can not tell you how much I miss them..
I know a lot of people do not get it and can not figure out why I did them I say it is none of your BUSINESS!!! But it makes me happy and that is what matters:)

My Necklace

I saw this necklace (Name Charm Necklace) on another blog and I LOVED it so I ordered me one...

Love, ME

You should check out her site ( as you get a choice of chains, beads and designs on your charms:)
I got Abalone and Jade as my beads and Nicholas' charm is feathered and Tyler's is hammered.


I think this was TRACY'S Cup:)

Even Bambi got in the FUN!!!

Samantha..Bunco #3!!!

My cup LIED:(

Kathy..most wins my A$$

Karen...A Buncoing Sub:)


Rita..another Buncoing sub:)

Joanne..Bunco #2 and all for world peace:)

Suzanne another Buncoing sub:)
England has crappy dental care from what I hear:)

Friday night was BuNcO at Tracys and as usual we had a lot of FUN. We had a lot of Buncoing that night. I think we had 3 or 4 of us that had 2 buncos and SAMANTHA had 3 (*itch:), Kathy had most wins as I PERSONALLY think is pretty funny as I can remember someone being her partner and her never once rolling the number we were one..oops I think I was her partner that time.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Whats been going on..

I have not been posting much as I have been BUSY!!! Here is a quick update on whats been going on here..
*My parents house closed. It was hard leaving the last time we were there. Part of me will always be there..
*My tattoo is peeling and itches and does not look as pretty as it did before the peel but I know it will look good again:)
*BuNcO was this week..I play bunco with 11 A$$E$ as I have a camera of BUTTS pictures..One month was feet, one month was cleavage and this month was Butts (yes, they kept their pants on)
*Hank has been building a deck on the other side of the pool. Can I just say he is not a handyman and is sooo not enjoying this but it was HIS idea and it will be GREAT when it is done:) Daniel B came over and got him "going" on it and has been a HUGE help to Hank..
*I had a Garage Sale on Saturday and sold a lot of stuff and donated the rest..Cleaning the garage next of my to do list.
*I am heading up the Fall Festival/Chili Dinner/Bake Sale again this year. It is the 24th and I still need around 35 more volunteers..any one want to help..(Karen I have you down:)
*I do S*R*A (reading program) at Tylers school. I work 24 hours a week and can I say I LOVE MY JOB!! I work with manly 1st and 2nd graders and 1 group of 3rd graders. Some of the kids I work with are SO FUNNY. I get hugs daily and they say the FUNNEST things..did I say I love my job:)
*Did I say I still need 35 more festival workers..opps I think I did:) I have plenty of chili and bake sale items..I NEED PARENTS TO WORK booths!!!
*I put my fall decorations up today and as I was putting stuff away I thought I might not see some of this again till after CHRISTMAS as next month the trees go up..woohooo. I love Christmas but I hate cold weather.
*I soo want to go to the beach..I love love love the beach..I have one on my leg now:)
*FYI..Leg hair will still grow through a tattoo, I was really hoping I would have 1 area with no hair:)
*I am so happy Greys Anatomy is back on..I LOVE that show!!!
*I got my charm name necklace yesterday from and I LOVE IT!!! I will post pictures this week:)
*Happy Sunday..