Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hoover Floor Mate

I bought a Hoover Floor Mate a few months ago and blogged about it here. I just want to say I STILL LOVE IT!!! I would recommend it to EVERYONE. We have 2 rooms of Laminate and the rest of the main floor is tile. We just tiled the basement family room so I have a lot more tile then carpet now. Today I did a really good floor cleaning and I can not believe how nice it cleans:) The amount of DOG HAIR that came up AFTER I swept was AMAZING. I would love to say it makes Cleaning FUN but I won't go that far:)

2 days till we leave on Vacation...wooohoooo!!!

The basement is ALL painted and Hank needs to finish the baseboards as we went and bought new ones last night. It looks soo nice down there..if only my FURNITURE was back I would be a happy women. My goal was BEFORE we left on Vacation but I decided this week I could make the WHOLE house nuts or back off and finish when we get back.

We also listed my parents house this week..I know that is SOON but it will be better for both of us when we do not have it hanging over our heads that we need to clear it out. It was HARD cancelling their phone number as it was the ONLY number I had growing up and I know when it sells it will be really hard.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 Word Sunday

We leave Friday night for Gulf Shores and can I say HOW MUCH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO A VACATION!!! We have never been to GS before but have heard a lot of GOOD things about it! We have ALWAYS went to FL but thought we would "try" a different place this year. We had booked this after the first of the year and it was suppose to be my sister and her youngest, my dad and our family..We know my parents will be there is spirt!!
The only BAD thing is we get back and my kids start to school the middle of the week so this means summer is OVER for us:(
I still have not bought any school supplies BUT I did get/order Tylers BDay gifts as his Bday is the Monday we get home. My baby will be 11!!
I am sooo not ready for school and all that goes with it...(plus I go back to work then and I have not had enough "float" time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open Arms

Monday was my dads funeral and it was a hard day that I am glad is over. I have a EMPTY feeling now that I do not know if it will ever go away. I feel completly different then when my mom died 10 months ago. I HATE that they both are gone and my kids do not have the JOY of having them as Grandparents but I am glad they are together again.

When my sister walked into the room after my dad passed away Journey song "OPEN ARMS" was playing. We played it at the service and it is a beautiful song with a lot of meaning now. When I got there I stopped and got us both a beer and we sat with my dad and toasted them on the beach together again. We placed his little cooler and radio in with him as he ALWAYS carried it to the beach with their mom carried snacks to feed the seagulls which ALWAYS pooped on my dad:)
Since my dad was in the service he had Taps played. My sister spoke at the service as she did at my moms and I am so PROUD of her..I could never have gotten up and say ALL she did but she did and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

I had a lot of my friends from here drive the hour and a half to come to the service which meant SO MUCH TO ME!!! The only thing that has gotten me through this last year is MY friends and I so appreciate ALL that they have done for us!!!

Friday night I went to a outdoor concert with a group of Friends....Denise bought me the ticket a while ago and after my dad died on Thursday I was not going to go but I decided that evening that I needed to...Karen said something that night that I will NEVER forget and I do not think she realizes the IMPACT that it had on me...Wednesday night when I was coming home from Cinti there was the most BEAUTIFUL big Orange sunset which when I saw it it was there for a few seconds then dropped behond trees. I thought "that looks just like a Florida Sunset"! As soon as I said that I thought my dad is going to pass tonight..well it was the next morning. Friday night when we were at the concert there was the BIGGEST Orange Moon. Karen pointed it out and said "Your mom gave you the Sun and your dad just gave you the Moon". That sentence will be with me FOREVER!! I have wanted a tatoo for EVER on my ankle (YES I am a BIG chicken) and that is what I would want..a sun, moon and a palm tree. Now I just need to get my nerve up and GO!!!

We are leaving on vacation the beginning of August (Gulf Shores) and I have to say I am sooo looking forward to getting away. We booked this a long time ago and it was suppose to be my family, my sister and her youngest and my dad..My sister and Katlin are still going with us and we WILL be having a lot of drinks in honor of my parents.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Dad

My dad passed away this morning..
He was a GREAT dad and WONDERFUL Grandfather and now him and my mom are together again. I am sure my mom is wearing a new swimsuit and they are sitting on a beach together again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My dad

My parents last July!!

As some of you know my dad has not been well recently. He was in the hospital for a 2 weeks, here for a week, home for a day (with my sister), back in the hospital and then in a nursing home in the rehab part for a little over a week.

We have noticed a decline and so has the nursing home...he went back to the hospital on Friday for a MRI and they found out the spots that were bleeding in his head from his FALL over a month ago has gotten worse..(Personally, I would like to know WHY he was not given a follow up with the neurosurgeon but that is another story). His options were brain surgery and honestly he is 86 and has to much damage already from the bleeds or Hospice. Plus he has voiced his opinion before this on he will not have surgery again and we know how much he misses my Mom and wants to be with her again.
He is with Hospice and basically sleeping 24 hours. He is not in pain BUT this is so DAMN HARD. We took the kids up yesterday basically for them to say Goodbye as we did not let them see my mom near the end and I am not sure if they will see my dad again or not. It was HARD on both of them.
Please pray he stays pain free and he will be with my mom on a beautiful beach again soon.
This is the only thing that is making this any easier for me...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4H Fair

This week is the 4H fair here..we went tonight and it was a BEAUTIFUL night there. They have a "PIE" eating contest and we were trying to get Nicholas to sign up but since there is a meet this week he would not do it....
Well as we were sitting there waiting I ask Tyler if he wanted to do it he said YES!!! I was SHOCKED to say the least. Well guess who got 3rd place out of 20 something kids..YES, TYLER!!! We laughed for the who 3 minutes as he GAGGED his way through a lemon cream pie. He won $5 and got a ribbon. There were a TON of swim families and kids cheering him on and he just kept eating.
AND yes..we had to try to win a fish and YES he won one...
AND no..I forgot my camera and bought these at the fair:)

Look who came for a VISIT

Susan and "Aunt Rita" and the BuNcO Box:)

Gabi, Susan and Emily

Nicholas and 2 Beautiful Girls:-)

Susan and her BEAUTIFUL girls who grew up since we saw them last were in town for a funeral last week..I hated for this to be the reason for me to see her but it was NICE to see her again. Susan moved a few years ago to AZ and is now in Iowa and is MISSED!!!
Susan girls both swam and I did Hospitality with her at the pool for a FEW years!!! We were GOOD:)
She also was in our BuNcO group and is missed..No one can snort like her:)

June "DRINKS" aka BuNcO

For the summer we are doing "DRINKS" instead of BuNcO..It is ALL about getting together and having fun and since so many weeks this summer are meets and some are gone for vacation we decided to just meet and whoever shows up is GREAT!!! This picture was taken at Barbs and we had a nice evening sitting out on her patio in the garden by her fish pond:) It was GOOD for ALL of us as it we talked about the FLOOD we had....Tracy and Terry lost pretty much their WHOLE houses and Barb and I had damage.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Eagle has Landed:-)

I got the "call" before and the EAGLE have landed:)
(Exact words on the phone)
The "Eagles" AKA the Diehn Family are back in the USA!!!!
Welcome Back..We missed ALL of you!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We are going to see my dad today at the rehab center;)
He said is is "better then he expected" so this is GOOD!!!
Last night we went to the Qm1x fireworks and they were PRETTY good..we just need to bring our radio next year.
Happy 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hoover Floor Mate

I borrowed one of these today from Mary J and I LOVED IT!!!!
So tonight I went and bought one. Our main floor is laminate and tile and now the downstairs is all tile so I know I will use it a lot!
I was amazed at how much cleaner my tile looks.
Another great thing about it is that you can use it as a wet cleaner or as a vacumn.