Monday, May 24, 2010

6th Grade Graduation

The Wangalangers:)

Tyler and Mrs Walker

Tonight was Tyler's 6th grade graduation and I cried. I so set myself up as I got out his Kindergarten Memory book before we went and looked at it THEN I wore my moms ring on my chain so she would be there with me as Tyler is the "baby" and my mom always had a soft spot in her heart for him:) AND the Hank puts on a orange shirt and said I am wearing this as so your dad is there too..My dad LOVED the color orange and 3/4 if not more of his shirts were ORANGE!!
Tyler was (key word is WAS) a shy child. All I ever wanted was a teacher to say he talks to much as he NEVER talked at school. Welllll, I got my wish plus more. He talks all the time at school and does not have a shy bone in his body. When his name was announced and he got a lot of applause from kids and parents he turned toward everyone and waved all the way up to get his certificate:)
He, like Nicholas both got the Presidential award for all A's and pass plus on ISteps since 4th grade.
I know I am so LUCKY to have two great kids and I am so proud of both of them. I know my parents were smiling down at Tyler tonight too!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

There is not a day that does not go by that you and dad are not thought of. I hope your day in Heaven is as wonderful as you are. Tyler made me a lemon cake for Mothers day and I know part of the reason he picked lemon as it is your favorite. He used 2 cake mixes as 1 did not fill the pan, mixed it with a fork as he did not want to use the mixer and put the icing on right out of the oven so it pretty much melted all over the cake:) You would have LOVED it!!! I still can not believe it will be 3 years in Sept and 2 years in July for dad.
We love and miss you both so much!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010