Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kindergarten is the BEST!!!

I know this picture is a few weeks LATE but better late then NEVER is my Motto..This year I am SO lucky to work with the BEST group of Kindergarten teachers and TA's. I really like all of them and am so lucky to work with all of them. We all got shirts that say "Kindergarten Rocks" as it does:)
For Halloween we were M&M's which was a ton of FUN!! Our school does a "Kindergarten Parade" with Music and all the classes sit in the hall as we "parade" around the halls in our costumes. The kids loved it but I have to say it was probaly one of Tylers most embarressing moments..All I can say is I can do a pretty good M&M dance down the 6th grade hall:) Why my son did not think I can dance I have NO idea...lol
*I am a TA for the Pink M&M and ALL I can say is she is WONDERFUL!!!