Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My NEW Favorite

I got a catalog in the mail today from at west end and I LOVE everything in it:) I am not sure how I got on the list but you have to check them out..I looked and they are on Facebook too. I have a ton of things on my wish list (the painted turtle, bottle tree mermaid vase and 4 bud vases...my list goes on and on:) lol
No, I am not paid to say any of this..I am just always looking for different things so thought I would share:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ultimate Blog Par-Tay

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

This is my FIRST time for anything like this so I guess that kinda makes me a Par-Tay Virgin:)
My name is Diana and I have been married for almost 23 years to Hank. He was laid off almost 15 months ago (a huge shock to him) and has been looking for a job. Over qualified gets really really old!! We have 2 GREAT boys. Nicholas is 16 and Tyler is 12. Both are adopted from Korea and I wish EVERYONE could experience adoption as it is the most wonderful thing ever. I love readying adoption blogs (ok..I am kinda addicted to them) for this reason as Adoption is what made us a family:) I could go on and on about it..Some day I will have to post pictures of the day we got both boys. I get teary everytime I talk about it as those are the 2 most wonderful days of our lives!!
I am a Kindergarten TA and I love it!!! They are adorable and FUNNY. I have always said you can wake up in a not so great mood but you go to school and 26 adorable little kids walk in and you are HAPPY. I had a little boy tell me today he was going to start calling me Princess..I said that is just what my family at home calls me too...lol!!! I love everyone of them and will so miss them in June!!
I wish I had a hobby..I have a CRAFTY FRIEND (Yes I am talking about you Denise) but I am just not a crafty person..No patience for it but I love to shop:) Soooooo, What would I love to win..ANYTHING!! I love Amazon and I know there are some GC that would make me smile:)
I am looking forward to comments as I am not "one of those High Traffic Blogs". It is just me and a few other people.
Thank you 5 Minutes for Moms for doing this!