Friday, October 26, 2007


Tonight was Bunco again and even if I have to say so myself WE HAD FUN!!! Bev was the Big winner with the MOST BUNCOS (4) so she gets the TROPHY for the month, Joanne had the the LAST BUNCO, Tracy and Terry were tied for MOST WINS and Terry won is a Roll Off and I have to say Terry can shake it when she wants:) Mary had the MOST LOSSES and Lora won the THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP prize.
Some of the highlights was Mary with the GUN, Samantha saying the "F" word even thought she "claims" to only say it ONCE A YEAR!! The deer with the Candy Corn up its nose..(dont even ask) and the VOTE at the end of the night to see who was glad Kathy B did not show I told them I thought it was MEAN and they MADE me raise my hand) PLUS the witch hat or as we said it as the *itch hat that we got to wear when we BUNCOED was FUN!!! Kathy we can hardly wait to see what we get to wear NEXT Month for the Christmas Bunco...Hint Hint..
and YES, Kathy, Tracy did OK handing out the money at the end of the night even thought she was getting candy corn pitched at her.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This week

I have been so *amn busy...Hank is in China again and gets back SATURDAY and I am sooo ready for a break! All I seem to do in run a kid here or there. The Fall Festival at Tylers school that I am heading up is NEXT FRIDAY and I am soo ready for it to be OVER. Trying to get enough parent volunteers SUCKS! We all would LOVE to come to a event and spend the whole time with our kids BUT someone has to work these things so that everyone can enjoy themselves.
I am ALSO having a Garage sale this weekend and have CRAP all over my house. I have been ebaying A LOT and have piles everywhere.
This morning was my MORNING FROM HELL...Nicholas opened the fridge and knocked a GALLON container of homemade chicken and noodle soupon the floor. He stands there and says should I get "A" paper towel..A PAPER TOWEL!!!!. After my 15 mins. of me screaming and cleaning I shook a container of hot chocolate and it exploded ALL over the I clean that up and Tyler knocks a container of bread crumbs from the pantry ALL over the FLOOR. I have never been as happy to leave my house and go to work as I was today. Maxie has in HOG HEVEN as she licked the floor till I came home and MOPPED!!!
BTW....Yesterday was my 20th anniversary:) Hank is in China so it was very and the kids and homemade soup BEFORE it hit the floor!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Updates

We had a BUSY weekend. Friday night I went out with a few friends for a couple drinks and dinner at our favorite Mexican Rest.
Saturday we (as in Nicholas and I) were up at 5:00 since he had PRACTICE before his swim meet:( Hank took Tyler to his last soccer game and they won again!!!!
Saturday night we went to Ethnic Expo downtown and it was a BEAUTIFUL night and good food.
Sunday AM it was back to the POOL and then we went to APPLEWORKS to get some Apples.
Nicholas did VERY well for the first meet of the year, He got 3rd place for high points for his age group which was good since the 500 and mile were OPEN so they did not count for points. The picture of him is him swimmming the mile.
The other pictures are of Tyler at Appleworks (Nicholas stayed home to do homework).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

10 Months TODAY

Well, it is hard to believe but today is 10 months since my surgery:)
In some ways it seems like FOREVER and others it seems like I just had it done. I feel Great, which is wonderful as I did not feel so good 8/9 and 10 months ago. I do not regret once for having the surgery. Yes, it was HARD the first few months with the problems I had. I would still do it again in a minute.
Sooo, now for the BIG question? How much have I lost. Well I think I FINALLY lost Mary Jarrard* as I think she weighs 112. My wieght loss has soo slowed down. I am a emotional eater and this summer was not good. My goal was to be -125 by Christmas and I can say I do not think I will make it but that is OK. I am 13 pds. from there so we will see.
*All I can say is a mom of 2 teenagers should not weigh 112 and look like Mary and the really crappy thing is that she is so DAMN Nice. You so want to not like her but you can't help it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clothes, Clothes and MORE CLOTHES

I have been "working" in my closet for a few weeks...Use the word "working" lightly as I have been more walking past it and thinking OMG I need to do something and pulling out some stuff and making a pile on my floor. I realized this week I really needed to do something as the piles were taking over our bedroom. I yelled at Tyler to clean his room this weekend and he said "hello, have you seen yours". I have not 1 thing from last winter to hard would it have been to take everything out and dump it BUT noooooo, I need to put in piles according to sizes and figure out if I am going to EBay most of it or garage sale it. I already have 5 things listed. I did my coats last week and ordered a new jacket online but need to find a coat. I hate wearing a heavy coat so I think moving someplace WARM would be the right choice:)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tyler and Jacob

Tyler and his best friend Jacob are FINALLY on the same SOCCER team. Jacob's moms took this picture today after their game on a beautiful day at the soccer fields:)

Friday, October 05, 2007


Tonight was BuNcO again. I had it at my house and FUN was had:) This month we added a BuNcO Queen Trophy that you get to take home each month....and the LUCKY Winner was JOANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She ended you with 3 buncos and the last bunco. WTG Joanne!!
SUe had most wins (18) and I had most loses (19 out of 24). Bev won the "Thank you for coming".
I made a new Brownie Cheesecake recipe and I have to say I was IMPRESSED with myself. I also made white chocolate popcorn and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Day In The Life of a MOM:)

THIS is so FUNNY and so worth watching!!
(Just click on the word THIS in the first sentence)