Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Say a Prayer For My Mom!!

Say a prayer for my mom as she is getting a "port" put in Thursday and she is suppose to start Chemo June 7th. We found out almost 2 weeks ago that she has Pancreaus cancer that spread to her liver. She was in ICU for 8 days and now is in IMU which is a step down unit from ICU. She is going to need a lot of prayers to get through everything. She is a amazing mom and we all love her.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kings Island

Saturday a group from the pool went to King Island and FUN was had by ALL!!! A huge thanks to Joanne F for planning this:-)
Tyler was THRILLED as he was tall enough to ride anything this time and Nicholas was THRILLED as he went off with a group of his friends!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Most of you have read the scare-mail about the person whose kidneys were stolen while he was passed out. Well, read on. While the kidney story was an urban legend, this one is not. It's happening every day...........
My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. It was just that quick. I went to sleep in my body and woke up with someone else's thighs. The new ones had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Who would have done such a cruel thing to legs that had been mine for years?Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs.Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans and Sheer Energy pantyhose.
Then, just when my guard was down, the thieves struck again.My butt was next. I knew it was the same gang, because they took pains to match my new rear end to the thighs they stuck me with earlier. I couldn't believe that my new butt was attached at least three inches lower than my original. Now, my rear complemented my legs, lump for lump. Frantic, I prayed that long skirts would stay in fashion.
It was two years ago when I realized my arms had been switched. One morning I was fixing my hair and I watched horrified but fascinated as the flesh of my upper arms swung to and fro with the motion of the hairbrush.
This was really getting scary. My body was being replaced one section at a time. How clever and fiendish.Age? Age had nothing to do with it. Age is supposed to creep up, unnoticed, something like maturity. NO, I was being attacked repeatedly and without warning. In despair, I gave up my T-shirts.
What could they do to me next? My poor neck suddenly disappeared faster than theThanksgiving turkey it now resembled.
That's why I decided to tell my story. I can't take on the medical profession by myself. Women of the world wake up and smell the coffee. That really isn't plastic that those surgeons are using. You KNOW where they are getting those replacement parts, don't you? The next time you suspect someone has had a face "lifted", look again. Was it lifted from you?This is not a hoax. This is happening to women in every town every night.
P.S. I must say that last year I thought someone had stolen my breasts. I was lying in bed and they were gone! As I jumped out of bed, I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in my armpits as I slept.Now I keep them hidden in my waistband

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today was my 13th Mothers Day and I can still remember my first. We lived in Phoenix and we had only had Nicholas for a few months and went to the zoo and all the moms got a carnation;-) It will go down as one of my most favorite days EVER as all I wanted was to me a mom. Now 13 years later I have 2 GREAT boys and we had another wonderful day.
This weekend was the Donner Early Bird meet so we (me and Nicholas) got up EARLY and went to the pool. (Hank and Ty showed up a little after 8). Nicholas did get the high point trophy for his age group, 13/14 year old. It was chilly this morning and the kids were freezing but we still had a lot of fun. Then we went to Greenwood to our FAVORITE chinese restrauant for lunch and then to the mall. Nicholas made out there as he need shirts for the summer so we went to Hollister and $135 later we left. What did I get from the mall........a $12 pair of Khaki short and some plug in refills from Bath and Body Works.
It was a VERY nice day and the kids and Hank got me a outside clock, a new mailbox and a GC for a pedicure. Any guess on what I am doing this week?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Bird

A Bird (I think it is a Dove as I am NOT a Bird person) built a nest in the hanging basket on my front porch...How did I figure this out..I went to water the plant and the bird flew out and almost hit me in the head and I about *rapped!!! Here is my plant, the bird peeking out of my plant and the nest after the bird decided she did not want her picture taken again and flew at my head again.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy 46th Birthday PAM

I can not believe we have been friends for almost 30 years..What the HELL happen? We were just 21!!! Now we are OLD!!! (Brenda is still the OLDEST and TERRY)!!! You are a GREAT friend and I LOVE YOU( and your husband and kids:)

Our Saturday

5:30 alarm goes off
6:00 Hank and Nicholas out the door to get Brenny and Sydney for a swim meet
6:01 Diana back in Bed!!!! (SHHHH we are not telling Hank this;-)
10:30 We leave for soccer
12:20 HOME from Socccer
12:30 Leave for BaseBall pictures at 12:45
1:30 go from pictures to baseball field
2:00 game number 1 (Hank is here now too;)
They WON by 1 run
4:00 game number 2
They won by 11 so game called
6:00 HOME
by 11:00 BED

Highlight of my day (other then seeing Tyler make a goal in soccer and do GREAT in baseball was the Hawaiian Ice place was at the BB fields and I had 2 of them as it was a HOT day to watch a double headed with a lot of people (most of them HB's) under 1 tree.
*Hank said Nicholas did really well also but I missed it, but we have a meet next weekend so I will see him swim then;-)
** I really should remember to bring my camera but I FORGOT. Tyler is playing for Burger King this year and they have "real" shirts with BUTTONS not just tee shirt and he is THRILLED!!!
***PLUS Tyler was invited to a Bday party from 1 to 5 and really wanted to go...He told the kid he might be a little late. I laughed.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bunco with 5 SUBS!!!!!

<-the NEW Room

Damn BEV






Tonight was BuNcO and I WON most WINS.......Yippee for me (not that anyone is counting BUT this is my 3rd month for bringing home $)
Jill had it at her house and let me say her house looks GREAT!!! They did a new addition and it is sooo nice.
We had 5 subs today since Denise's mom is in town, Barb just got back from New York, Jo had to work, Kathy had company coming to her lake house and Mary is running the mini marathon in the morning. Sooo thanks to Mary, Lynn, Kristi, Samantha and Diane for SUBBING:-)
Sooo the winners tonight were...drum roll please:
TRACY (I know I can hear the GROANS from here) MOST BUNCOS. ($35)
ME ME ME for Most WINS (19 out of 24:) ($30)
LYNN got LAST BUNCO ($25), soooo Barb that would have been YOU:(
Jills Sister, Kristi for MOST LOSSES ($20)
and the Thank you for COMING TO YOUR OWN HOUSE went to JILL ($10)
Next Bunco is at DENISE'S house so Denise start cleaning out your FREEZER as Bev will look.
*I would like to point out that someone, not mentioning any names, SUE, is a little BITTER and kept complaining that the SAME people are winning. All I can say to that is HAHAHAHA LOSER!!!!

Happy Birthday Kaitlin, Sandy and Dad

April and May is a busy Birthday months for us. My neice Kaitlin turned 15, my sister Sandy turned 50 and this week my Dad turned 85. Last Sunday they came down for the day and we had the nicest time. The weather was perfect and we swam (OK, me and my sister floated) and grilled out. A perfect day for 3 Birthdays;-)