Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMG..A NEW POST!!! has been a MONTH since I post but since I really do not think anyone, other then maybe Suzanne looking every once in a while reads it I guess it does not matter!!
Sooo...what has been going on in our lives the last month.
Hank: is STILL looking for a JOB!!! If anyone knows on anyone hiring he is looking!!!
He has his masters in Business and Engineering and speaks Chinese and English and makes a MEAN egg roll:)
Diana: just got done heading up the Fall Festival, Chili Dinner and Bake Sale at Tylers school..He is a 6th grader so this is my LAST year and it turned out WONDERFUL!! I am still working at that school as a Kindergarten TA and I love love love the teacher I work for as we laugh ALL the time. The kids are ADORABLE and are so FUNNY!!! I think I could write a book on the funny things I have heard so far this year:) Another GREAT perk is they LOVE YOU and think you are BEAUTIFUL:)
Nicholas: is still swimming and teaching pre team lessons..Got straight A's on his report card. Had a girlfriend and broke up with her because (his words) "sometimes having a girlfriend is a pain as they expect you to walk with them ALL the time in the halls". He has a ton of friends, boys and girls and truly LOVES his friends. The group of swim boys he is best friends with HUG all the time..they are friends for life and they think they are brothers (from different mothers..and fathers:)
Tyler: is in his last year at Richards and I am so sad about this. My baby is growing UP!!! He has defiantly come out of his shell and has quite the little social life going on..He likes GIRLS and GIRLS like him:) He is also picking a GREAT group of friends and also had ALL A's except that 1 little B+ on handwriting but as ALL kids say "that does not really count anyway"!! He is almost done with Football and is trying out for the school Basketball team. He so has my quick wit and thinks he should get the last word but I have had the last word for 48 years and am not giving it up:)
Maxie: is still the laziest best dog ever. She looks MUCH older then she is..I always say she has premature aging like ME:) as there is no way I should be this OLD!!! She loves us all and does not ask for much in return..she is just happy to sit and look at Hank as he is her favorite!! Dumb dog:)
Denise:is now on Medicine and now does not call me crying everyday..Can we say WOooooHOooooo!!!