Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday Night

Friday night a few of us went out as there were a few of us that NEEDED IT!!! Tyler is still in shock that his MOM went to a BAR and DRANK A BEER (first one since DEC. and it was GOOD) and he thinks the phrase DENISE DRINKING is funny (but let me tell you not as funny as being with Denise while she is drinking is:)
There was this man in the bar that we kept TRYING to get a picture of. He was wearing a cape and had beads hanging off his headband and carried around a book on Art...hello it is not HALLOWEEN. It was dark and the pictures did not turn out but here is the best of the ones we took.

Where's the Beef?

Friday Morning Diane, Bev and Myself went to pick up our BEEF. Kathy had to work so she missed out on the road trip:(
This is our second year that the 4 of us have split a COW and OMG is it good meat. So this is what 700 pds of meat looks like in a back of a SUV!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sadie and Jim..Two of the NICEST People you will EVER Meet!!!

My mom and dad meet Sadie and Jim in Florida around 13 years ago and have had a great friendship. They have come to visit and have been at some of our familys special occasions, my parents 50th anniversay, my moms 80th Birthday and now they came in for my moms funeral. You will not meet 2 nicer people and they are part of our family. They both mean A LOT to us and my parents. Thanks for ALL you have done for us!!!!
Also a BIG HI to Gordon and Mary...we know you were with us in spirit all day today. You were very good friends to my parents and made each Florida trip for them special. (Plus my mom always knew that you liked her more then Sadie:)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Mom

My mom passed away this morning.We found out the end of May she had Pancreatic Cancer and she fought hard. She is now free of pain and cancer. When you look up and see a bright spot in the sky that is my mom in heaven.
We miss her and will always love her and nothing will ever be the same but we know she is in a better place!!
We love you Mom!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week Update

Well, this has been ANOTHER busy week. Both kids are doing well in school. Nicholas has had a lot of homework and swimming has taken a lot of his free time. He is now coaching pre team 3 nights a week so he has his first "job". So far he seems to like it so that is goood. I think Tyler has decided if there is a club at school he wants to be on far he is on Spell Bowl, Choir and is trying out for Math Bowl also. PLUS we have soccer and Cub Scouts. I have been trying to work at school so we can finish the testing we need to do and be in Cinti. as much as possible. My mom is getting much weaker and they had to call 911 for her tonight since her legs gave out as my dad and sister were trying to get her back in bed from going to the bathroom. She is so much THINNER and has days when you think it will be her last and the next day she seems so with it. I have said it once and I will say it again...CANCER SUCKS. My mom was always so happy and full of life and now she is neither. It is so heartbreaker to see what it has done to her in such a short time. Please keep her in your prayers, and my dad too, as this is so hard on him. We get a break from it but he is there 24 hours a day.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Yep, tonight was BUNCO night again and as usual we had FUN:)
Kathy was the big winner with the most WINS and she also beat Sue and Me for MOST BUNCOS so she walked out with $65.00.
Barb who was a first time sub had the last Bunco for $25, Samantha had most loses for $20, and I won the THANK YOU FOR COMING for $10!!!
Here are a few pictures from the night.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brutally Honest

Tyler usually is not a loss for words (just like his MaMa:) and is HONEST. We were in the car talking and my weight loss came up. He said "Well I can tell you lost weight as your face is thinner". I said "are you glad I lost weight". He said "you are my mom so I do not care". THEN he says "I have seen people FATTER then you before" I said "you have" and he says "YES, at GOLDEN CORAL, You see a lot of fat people at GOLDEN CORAL, I think it is because it is a Buffet".
My biggest complaint about Buffets is it is just a bunch of people making PIGS out of themselves. I have been once since my surgery as Tyler REALLY wanted to go. I think since I could not eat much I noticed more on what people were actually eating or piling on their plates and throwing away. I was not a buffet person before and I am not even more now.
So if you ever want to know the TRUTH just ask Tyler.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What kind of Accent Do You Have? I have no idea how I got a Western one..must be the years in AZ.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


Western is kind of neutral, but not quite since it's still possible to tell where you're from. So you might not actually be from the West (but you probably are). If you really want to sound "neutral," learn how to say "stock" and "stalk" differently.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Motown comes to Mayberry:)

Today was the annual Hospice of Southern Indiana Concert. This year was THE TEMPTATIONS REVIEW and Bobby Brooks Hamilton. First was Bobby Brooks and we really liked him A LOT!! Then it was the Temptaions Review. I guess there are still 2 orginal ones in this group. They were very good also. In the past we have seen Peter Nunn (Herman and the Hermits) and Davy Jones who was SO BAD it was not funny. I really wish I had not went that year as my huge crush I had on him as a kid was COMPLETLY RUINED.
We went with Denise and Brian and there 2 kids and brough a picnic dinner and it was a BEAUTIFUL night and lots of fun...Caitlin took the port a potty picture with her camera so it is a little blurry. (it is for you Terry:) I was impressed that these actually had a hand washing area next to them with SOAP and everything. It has been a while since I have HAD to use one and I was surprised to see that. (It does not take much to impress me these days)
*Funny thing that Tyler said tonight was when Denise and I were "dancing" he said if anyone ask I am adopted.......hello you are!!!
*Yes, Hank is "dozing". This was near the end and he just got back from China last night and he is TIRED. He said I was listening. I have been married to him for almost 20 years and I do he does not listen:)

This weeks update

Well, it was another BUSY week..Nicholas is back swimming and the mornings he swims is killing me and him...the alarm goes off at 4:45 and I about die. I am back working at school and I LOVE IT. We are in the process of testing ALL the Kindergartens, 1st and 2nd graders. I love the little ones as you only need to talk to them once and you are there new best friend:)Tyler had boy scouts last week and soccer starts this week and I think he is going to try out for spell bowl. His math teacher has already ask him to try out for math bowl later in the year as she is the coach and he is THRILLED. They only take a couple 4th graders and he wants to be one of them!!!
I am still going to be deep water excerse class on T & TH nights and really like it. I went to Cinti Monday and Friday this week and could tell a difference in my mom on Friday. She seems a lot weaker to me. The hospice nurse said Tuesday she looks and sounds good. She comes back again Tuesdays. Keep praying for her.
Hank got back last night and all I can say is Thank God. It was a LONG 2 1/2 weeks. I picked him up at the rental car place and he said where are the days of the kids riding in the car to pick him up are over. I said Nicholas is spending the night at Gregs and Tyler is home..I TRIED to get the dog in the car but she HATES riding in the car and I could not get her in so I gave up. BUT boy was she happy when he walked in. Maxie LOVES Hank..after he leaves she LAYS by the door for days before she realizes he is not coming back for a while. He went golfing this morning and guess where the dog is ...yes, laying by the door:)
Happy Labor Day to everyone!!!