Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why you should not stick a IPOD down the front of your pants! *(updated:)

Today I went to the GYM!!! (Yes, I finally joined one) and I took Nicholas IPOD with me. I got one for Christmas and it is still in the box since I have NO IDEA how to put music on it. Sooo I get in the car, sit there and figure out how to turn the thing on as he has a IPod skin on it and I am IPod stupid. As I am getting out of the car I am talking to Denise on my cell and I say "where should I put it" She says "in your pocket". Hello, if I had a pocket in my pants I would not have ask you that question!!!
So she says stick in down the front of your pants. Well as I am walking in I can feel it slipping. I am trying to catch it through my pants (Hand on outside of pants) and it keep going. So I stand at the counter and reach in and start pulling the ear plug cord things up my pants leg. (The cord does not seem as long when they are in your ears as when they are down your pants).
Soooo do I tell Nicholas "guess where your IPod was?" and hope that is enough to make him put music on mine OR is it my little secret? He would not want me using his as I found to many songs I would say DELETE that one and that one. WHY do they need to put the "F" word in music and why does my kid have to buy that song(s)?
Personally why there is not a song about "Mama gots your IPOD down her pants" is beyond me:)
Yes Mama has songs on her IPod:) It is amazing how when you tell a 14 year old BOY that his IPod slide down his moms pants and BAM you got music on yours!! He also said they are all appropriate. So I guess it is OK for him to listen to bad words but not me.
We went to tonight and had our meeting with a trainer to show us what we should be doing and as much as I like this place she did not impress me. I got my leg STUCK in a machine (it was WEDGED and would not move). Well I am standing on 1 leg saying "my leg is stuck" , Denise is crying she is laughing so hard. We were on the MAIN floor with all the BUFF men who were staring at us and she says "is your leg really stuck". DUH, No I just like standing on 1 foot and making a A$$ of myself. Honest to gosh I will have a bruise and it hurts as it was WEDGED. She then told me I went off the machine the wrong way..YOU THINK.
We are going back tomorrow night so hopefully I will remember the RIGHT way to get off:)

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Couple of Things!

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to Suzanne for "pimping" my Blog for Valentines Day for me!!! I love love love it.
If anyone if the Indy area (Karen, Samantha,..) is free on April 19th we have a GROUP walking in the Susan G Kowmen Race for a Cure 5K in Indy. I have a friend who lost her mom to breast cancer last year after a long battle, Diane walks every year for her mom and this year in Memory of her. Her mom fought a LONG hard battle but CANCER won at the end. Cancer got my mom last year also and as women we need to do something so I figure this is a GOOD way to start.
You have to have 10 to be a "group" and we are pretty close to having 10. Sooo if you are intersted let me know..we would LOVE to have you walk for the "GIRLS" with us! Diane, I know you are walking with Paul and the boys but I will be thinking of your mom the whole way.
*I had someone ask about a link to donate..I will post one later after we have a team name and we are signed up:)

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Living Will

Last night my sister and I were sitting in the den and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.'

So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.

She's such a bitch.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ok, I FINALLY wactched the T*m Crui$e video today about his beliefs on Scientolgoly. I "think" I am so what of a open minded person BUT I think he is a IDIOT and I will never spend a dime to see a movie he is in! I loved the part where he said he is driving PAST a accident he is the ONLY one who can really do something to help. SO basically if you are ever in a accident DO NOT call 911 call Tom. His laugh makes me NUTS!
This one by Jerry O'Connell is FUNNY!
*I am adding to this as what gets me the MOST is I use to LOVE Tom . Remember the whole Rosie thing (Tommy can you hear me) with the countdown to Tom coming on her show. I LOVED IT!! Sad thing is I use to LOVE Rosie too and now she is right up there with Tom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Janet Evanovich Books

OK...I AM SOOO HOOKED on Janet Evanovich books about Stephanie Plum. I have read on a few blogs (THANKS Tracy)about how much they like reading them so I bought the first one when we were in Salt Lake. Since then I have read book 1-5 and started 6 today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. As I am reading I am CASTING the movie version of them. Sad Sad Sad. I just want a face for Stephanie,Ranger and Morrilli.
I just found out that book 14 is coming out in June and I can not wait:)
If you have not read them GO get the first one , One for the Money. Each book has the number of the order they are in.

My NEW Favorite Thing

Denise's husband bought her THIS for Christmas. You can say a lot about Brian BUT a romantic gift giver is on the TOP of the list. WHY give Diamonds when you can give GEORGE. Denise has talked about how much she LOVES it since Christmas so me being the COPYCAT that I am bought one:)
Saturday night I made Chicken breast and tonight I made WAFFLES and can I tell you that I WON the "MOM OF THE YEAR AWARD"!!!
I had talked myself into and out of buying it for a week then realized with Hank traveling so much it is perfect for making dinner after I pick the kids up from swim.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthday Card

This morning I went into Tylers room and saw this card sitting on his desk. It was opened so all I saw was the Bday cake and rocket. I ask who it was for and he said read the front and turned away from me. Can I tell you how much I have cried today. Knowing he made this and did not tell anyone is heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my moms 83th Birthday. I have dreaded this day all month and I wrote a check out today at school and when I wrote the day it HIT ME!!! It will be 4 months on the 20th and in some ways it seems like she has been gone for a long time and in other ways it seems like yesterday. There are so many times I go to call her and then I remember that she is gone. It is heartbreaking to see my dad as he is LOST without her.
Happy Birthday Mom..We love and miss you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Olive Garden

Sunday we went to Cinti and took my dad to Olive Garden as he LOVES the soup and salad there. It was a nice dinner and a nice day but we ALL knew this was when we would have been celebrating my moms birthday as it is the 16th. Dinner was nice and my dad LOVES it when we are ALL together but it is hard when you know someone is missing.
Yes, Tyler was being TYLER.


Friday night was BUNCO and it was FUN!! We had it a week late since we had a swim meet last weekend and in February we are actually having it on a SUNDAY at the one Mexican Restrauant we ALL love:) Kathy B SMOKED is ALL with 5 Buncos and had MOST Wins. Thank Gosh SUE got the last Bunco or Denise was going to take her down! Bev won Most Loses and Jill won the Thanks for Showing Up."B" gets the award for making us laugh the most for shaking her "snake eyes" and her story on how she got stabbed in the rear with her grapefruit steak knife that was in her purse at a restrauant (she slid over in a booth, hit her purse and in went the knife and YES she had to get stitches).
*The last picture is what DENISE thinks of Kathy getting 5 BuNcO's. In ENGLAND this is DOUBLE BAD!!!
**I have to say it was the MOST FUN Bunco!!! It just felt like something or was it SOMEONE was missing that no one likes!!! I wonder who THAT could be:)

Monday, January 14, 2008


We went to Utah after New Years to see Hanks family. We had a GREAT time and the weather was pretty good:) We went to Brighton and both kids took a snowboard lesson and then went down the hill together (till Ty hit a tree as he told Nicholas he was not going to do what his instructor told him to do as he wanted to go REALLY fast:) This was taken right after that and Tyler was not in the best of moods as he hurt and was embarressed as people, INCLUDING a GIRL stopped to see if he was OK.

Friday, January 11, 2008

He is not "ONE" any longer.....

Well, Tim is not longer a VIRGIN!!! YES, you read that right. Hard to believe he is 39 and still a virgin...he is nice looking, gets along with others, no body odor but he was still a virgin..THAT was untill YESTERDAY and I am the reason he is not any longer!!! As his wife is THOUSANDS a miles away Tim can now say he is no longer a virgin!!!
I know...how can a man be 39 and never have a smoothie..SHOCKING to me too as I had 2 yesterday as I could not let him "smoothie drink alone". Tims "first" was a Cranberry Truffle which is my ALL time favorite (even though now I do not order it for me anymore as it has white chocolate in it). I think he will now be one of those MEN who go away for business and check each corner for a Tropical Smoothie Cafe and then calling home with a smoothie by his side.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I know it has been a while since I posted and this is going to be a QUICK not picture one:(
Christmas was very nice and all the decorations are put away. I think I packed them all up on the 27th as I am one of those that feels when the 25th is over so is Christmas! We did have a very nice Christmas and the kids were HAPPY so when you have HAPPY kids the parents are HAPPY!!! Tyler is on the fence on weither there is a *anta or not. Before Christmas he said "I know it is you" WELL Christmas came and he now says "I know it is not you as you would NEVER buy me ALL this stuff"..lol!!!
Our friends who moved to England 3 LONG years ago were here after Christmas and left today to go back. Nicholas and Andrew have been BEST FRIENDS since Pre K and so miss each other so they had a BALL this week! Good news is they are moving back this summer so the kids are HAPPY!!!
We had our annual News Years Party again last night and had 39 adults and kids! I have to say it went really well. Someone brought the Rock Band thing and the kids had a BALL with it!!! We had 20 kids and 19 adults and 5 of the kids were 11 to 7 We had 2 17 year old girls and we had 13 kids that were 13 to 15!!! Can I tell you it was TEEN AGE HEAVEN in my basement. Nicholas lost his voice from singing (and he is NOT a good singer). Almost all were swim familes so the kids are together a lot so it is NICE!!!
It is hard to believe that 2007 is OVER and it is now 2008!
I can not say I am sorry to see 2007 leave as it was not a good year for me. Losing my mom to Cancer was the hardest and worse thing that I have ever gone through.
We are flying out in the morning to see Hanks side of the family in SLC. The kids are hoping to go sking while they are there and I am hoping to do NOTHING!!!
I will post some pictures later:)