Saturday, March 31, 2007

Me minus 81

A few people have ask to see a picture so here is me minus 81. I still have a LONG way to go but I am heading in the RIGHT direction PLUS I feel GREAT:)

Bunco Bunco Bunco

Last night was my FAVORITE night of the month.....BUNCO!!! It was at Sue's and let me tell you we had 14 bunco's out of 24 roads. As usual we had a TON of FUN and we even had NO subs....not that we don't love our subs but it was nice having everyone there. Jill won MOST BUNCOS (4), I had MOST WINS (15) and was shocked, LAST BUNCO went to Kathy on 6's and took it from Denise who buncoed on 5's (WTG Kathy), MOST LOSSES was a tie tie between Mary and Joanne and MARY rolled the lowest by 1:) and THANKS FOR SHOWING UP went to Tracy which no one was very happy she was there:).Another thing is we "found" a strafoam container in Sues freezer, come to find out her husband FREEZES stuff that needs to be pitched in the trash before it gets in the trash.....we decided it looked like a BRAIN (it was chicken)...Bev pulled it out of the fridge 4 or 5 times and only 1 time someone at the kitchen table did not Bunco when she had it out. So if Bev comes to your house..PUT A LOCK ON YOUR FREEZER:)One of the FUNNEST things on the night was Sues dog, Snowball, drinking out of someones Burbon slush cup...I walked into the room and she had her nose in someones drink and I yelled "Sue your dog is drinking" the dog lefted her head out of the cup and kept licking her mouth. Best part of the next week is we are BUNCOING again on Friday as March's Bunco was LATE.

Nicholas' New School Picture

For not knowing it was picture day at school, I am THRILLED with his 7th grade spring picture. Tyler gets his taken Monday and I am hoping they turn out as well also. Nicholas is getting so much older looking. (I have NO idea how to make the picture in the right directions so just turn your head:)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ellie...isn't she ADORABLE:)

My cousin Mary and her husband Larry just got back from China with their BEAUTIFUL Daughter ELLIE. We went over yesterday to see her and she is ADORABLE:) She just turned 19 months and is just beautiful. She LOVES her MOM as you can tell in the pictures:)

Amanda and Ryan's Wedding

Wang Family at my Moms house
Me, Amanda and Pam
<-Amanda and her dad Ken


<-Amanda & Ryan
<-Tyler, Amanda and Nicholas
Terry, Me, Pam, Brenda and Donna

Last night was my BEAUTIFUL Goddaughters wedding. I was there when she was born as I was her mom Pams Labor partner,(the first person to hold her was ME:). I still shocked that she is now old enough to be married. (I feel sooo OLD). Here are a few pictures from the wedding and reception. Megan is Amandas sister...she is not BEAUTIFUL too:)
(on another note I FINALLY hit 80 pds TODAY, it took me 2 weeks to drop 4 pds BUT I am still THILLED:)


Tyler LOVES Legos. He plays with them ALL the time. This is what he built a few weeks ago at my mom and dads. It is a clock tower with his name on it built from Legos...we were VERY impessed:)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It is DONE

Well, the living room/dining room floor is done and WE LOVE IT:)
They finished last night around 730 and I finished putting everything back in the room today.
We are selling the leather couch we had in there and we put the chair and ottoman from the family room in there.

What I did on my Spring Break by Nicholas W

I slept and I helped put down a floor and then I slept some more:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring:)

Today is the FIRST day of Spring and it is a BeAuTiFuL day...I just heard on the radio that is is 76 degrees out:) I went to Lowes this morning and bought some pansies to plant in the planter on my porch and a few in the yard. I am SOOOO ready for Spring. I think Febuary did use ALL in.
I even saw my first chipmunk of the season today too. I said it mocked me as I drove past it and IT said "I am coming to your house and getting in your screened porch and hanging on your doorknob". (Yes I still have my bucket and sunflower seeds waiting to get the next one who decides he wants in MY house...they can stay out but once they try to move in OUT COMES THE BUCKET:)

Day 1

Yes, I am FINALLY getting my new floor in the Livingroom/Diningroom.
My dear dear husband is laying it TODAY.
He got new Callaway GOLF CLUBS this weekend so I am getting my floor:)
I do have to say the man has had the same set of clubs for 18 years and REALLY needed a new set and he LOVES to golf so it was a well deserved gift:)
So...this is what the room looked like Tuesday night!

Maxie the DOG

Does this look very comfortable to you?
If someone comes to our house this is how Maxie will lay waiting to be petted...she is not much of a WATCHDOG at ALL:(
Yesterday she layed in her cage (which she LOVES) for the longest time like this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 MONTHS Today:)

Today, was my 3 months anniversary since my SURGERY. It is hard to believe it has only been 3 months when I think back. I feel GREAT:) The beginning was not the most fun but 76 pds later makes it sooo worth it. I am still "figuring" out what agrees with me and what does not(bagels). I know do not go back for another 3 months and then I think it will probally be a year. I did have to have BLOOD work today so I should find out in the next couple of days how my levels are. I am not expecting them to be too good as I know I am not getting all of my protein in most days. I was going to post a PICTURE but it is on my new camera and I have not installed it into my computer yet. (It is only going on 3 months since we got the camera..lord knows I do not want to RUSH anything:)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I was not going to post how much I have lost so far till I reached 75...Well, yesterday it was 74 and I got on the scale today and said "COME ON 75"...Well, I completly passed 75 and went to 76 (which is 1 better;)
My "goal" was to reach it by spring break and I made it a week earlier!!!
My next "personal" goal is to lose 88 which is what TYLER weighs....then I can say I have lost Tyler (not literly but just in weight:).
I am hoping to reach that goal by Mothers Day...and 100 by time we go to FLORIDA in July:)
It will be 3 months on Tuesday since my surgery and go see my Dr. that day.
I lost 20 on the pre diet and 55 since the surgery:)
I am considered a slow loser by the weight loss boards I read BUT I am thrilled on how I am doing and I feel pretty darn GOOD!!!

If I was a girl and 13 I would want to DANCE with him:)

Well, Nicholas went to a girl in his class Bat Mitzvah yesterday. The church part was in the morning and the party was at Harrison Lake Country Club in the evening. I have never been to one so I think it is really neat that he got to go to one...he "guessed" there was over 200 people there are A LOT of them kids from school. HE HAD A BALL!! He said they danced the whole time as a group, had GREAT food and lots of drinks (Shirely Temples, Red Bull and soda;)

When he called to tell it was over at 11 he actually said to his MOM..."I have a story to tell you in the car"...I said "did you dance with a girl" ...he said "I will tell you in the car". Well 11:00 could not come fast enough:) He got in the car with a HUGE GRIN and I just LAUGHED....YES my handsome son danced with the girl he has liked for a while (she happens to be our dentist daughter:)
Me being the mom said where did you put your arms around her and he said her waist and hers were around my neck (yes, he had the big smile the WHOLE story). Then I ask.."did you step on her feet at all" He said NO:)
He is soooo growing up!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

I tried a NEW Flavor:)

Well, someone I know posted about making smoothies at home so NOT TO BE OUTDONE I went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe today for lunch. I tried one that I have not had yet and I must say I could ALMOST feel the warm sun and hear the ocean...I decided to come home put my swimsuit on and lay in the sandbox while I drank it to feel like I was on vacation...Then I remembered we do not have a sandbox anymore so I am sitting on my chair in sweatpants and a Tshirt:)

This is the flavor I got..

Dessert Smoothies
Pineapples, coconut & banana.

Yes, I ordered with SPLENDA:)

All I can say is YUMMMM

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He is back in the Water:)

Nicholas swam Divisionals this weekend in Brownsburg IN after 3/4 month off of swim. He is sooo HAPPY to be back and he has BIG plans! We were VERY proud of him for working really hard the last month that he has been back and it showed this weekend:)
State is NEXT weekend and he has 5 things he will be swimming there.
He swam his 100 free in 54:83 and his goal is a 52 this year which is a GREAT time.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Prayers needed.

I found this POST on The Story of You about this little girl. I have been following her story this week and as a mom it is just heartbreaking. Brea is 20 months old and was put on the heart transplant list today. She was adopted from China in Oct. The link to her story is
Say a prayer for her tonight:)