Thursday, May 26, 2011


She reads my blog..thanks Barb:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last night our wonderful dog Maxie got hit by a car and we had to put her to sleep. I did not grow up with a dog and can honestly say "never really wanted a dog" BUT once we had kids and could only put them off so long before we got one..I had a vision of a little fluffy cute dog, Tyler just wanted a little puppy and Nicholas just wanted a dog named Max. We walked into the animal shelter and Nicholas saw Maxie and her brother and it was love at first site for him. (Notice I said love for HIM)..I looked at her and thought "there is NOTHING cute about this dog..she is not fluffy and she looks like she belongs in the "hood"!!!" Well needless to say, Nicholas got his Max which ended up being a Maxie and I never got my fluffy dog and Tyler did not get his little puppy but 10 plus years later we all agree that Nicholas picked the PERFECT dog:)

Maxie loved EVERYONE and was not by any means a guard dog as all you had to do was look at her and she was on her back with her legs straight up wanted to be petted...not very lady-like at all;) She had a piece of all of our hearts and now she is gone. Maxie LOVED Hank..when Hank traveled Maxie would lay in front of the door and just look at it as she could not wait for him to get home. We always laughed as the kids were like "hi Dad" and Maxie was jumping (her version of a jump:) and down in excitement as her "daddy" was HOME!!
We were all there when the Dr put her to sleep and we are all heartbroken to say the least. NEVER did I think it would be this hard!! Maxie we love and miss you so much and I know you will go find Grandma and Grandpa and they will take good care of you. I am sure Grandpa had some dog treats in his pocket just waiting for you. There will NEVER be another Maxie!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prom 2011

Saturday Nicholas went to the his prom. His best friend since pre-school, Andrew came over and they both got ready together. Suzanne and I loved it as they honestly have a special friendship. I can remember saying "you can not play till your room is clean" and Andrew would say "I will just come over and wait"...Nicholas had a great time and I think he looked so handsome and I think Katie (his date) was just beautiful!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Whats been going on...

I can not believe it has been almost 2 months since I posted. We have been BUSY and honestly I Facebook has taken over most peoples blogging.
Here is a QUICK update on everyone''
Hank He started a NEW JOB on March at a Japanese company called Ibiden. He has been doing to Detroit and went to Hungary and Germany and will be going to Japan soon. The best part is the job is in COLUMBUS!!! Funny enough he was laid off for 2 years and ended up with 3 job offers, 2 of them days apart. It was a hard decision but we both feel he made the right choice:)
Nicholas is finishing his junior year and I am not ready for him to be a SENIOR!! He has basically decided he wants to go to IU and The Kelley School of Business there. We went Thursday and I was so IMPRESSED!! It is rated in the Top 20 Business schools and it is 1 hour away!! He does not want to swim in College which I was having a hard time with but after we went there I am OK with it..he needs to pick the place where he will get the BEST education as that is what will pay the bills and IU and Kelley will:) Prom is next weekend so pictures will be coming!!
Tyler is running Track and doing really WELL. He is a 7th grader but running Varsity, which is a good thing as ALL of the 7th grade meets have been rained out so far!! His is doing the long jump and the 200, 400 and the 400 and 800 relays. He is also playing baseball even though we have only had 1 game (which he missed because of track) as all his games have been rained out also:( Tyler is getting TALL and has a bad case of the 13's (and I am saying this with much love:)
Maxie is getting OLD!!! She misses Hank when he is out of town. With the about of hair I vacuum up you would think she would be thin but there is nothing thin about her!
Last buy not least ME. I can not believe this school year is almost over. I remember looking at our new Kindergarten class in August and missing last years I look at these kids and think we can not let them go on to 1st grade. They get a piece of your heart and I will so miss them. I know next years class will be just as adorable but we do have a great group this year:) The kids keep be BUSY as I am always going somewhere to watch one of them do something and I love it!!!
I will post a few pictures as soon as I charge my camera as I did take some yesterday at Tylers track meet.
Happy May!!!