Saturday, November 25, 2006

The 4 Kids

On Thanksgiving we took a few pictures of the 4 grandkids together. I have 2 boys and my sister had 2 girls. Lindsey is now 19, Kaitlin 14, Nicholas 13 and Tyler is 9. This one is my favorite:)

Happy Thanksgivng

On Thanksgiving we had 2 of our BEST FAMILY FRIENDS over for Dinner. It was so nice and we had ALOT of FUN and ALOT of LAUGH. We are so lucky as the kids get along so WELL. Hank deep fried the Turkey and it was WONDERFUL. He also smoked a CIGAR with Brian since it was a beautiful day:) He (and the Turkey) were the hit of the day.
On Friday I got up at 4:30 and was at the stores by 5:00 and was in my GLORY. The day after Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE day to shop and I think you meet the nicest people as you are waiting in line. Later that day we went to my sisters for Thanksgiving as her daughters went to their dads on Thanksgiving day. Another great time will all the food again;-)
Hope everyone else had a GREAT Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How TRUE is this;-)

This summer I did see a FUNNY FUNNY thing. I wish I would have had my camera with me since it was priceless. There was a MEN WORKING sign up near us in a yard where workers were "working" on sewers or something... So there is this big YELLOW sign that says Men Working and there were 3 men laying by it under a tree.....I want that job;)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday BEV

Sunday, (41) was Bev's SURPRISE Birthday party (41) at Johnny Carinos and it was so nice:) The (41) food was Wonderful and it was (41)nice seeing alot of the same people(41) for the 3rd straight day!!!!! Happy Birthday Bev (we won't say how old you (41) are but if you read between the lines you might figure it out!!!!
Isn't that the prettest cake...(and it tasted even better;) Bev is in the middle with her mom and her son:)

BuNcO bUnCo BuNcO

Well, Friday night was BuNcO again:) and yes FUN was had by ALL. My sides still hurt the next day from laughing! Everyone wanted to be in the blog so here are a few pictures of my Bunco group...Jill (who won last Bunco) made a artichoke pasta salad. Jo got 4, YES 4 Buncos and won most Buncos. Mary did not win a thing so she is in the potty:) and the best of the night was SUE who is the new Dice Whisper. We were on 4s and she kept saying IV to the dice (I thought she was saying IVY, and speaking in French) and rolled like 8 4s in a row. Well when it was all over I ask what language she was speaking and she said Roman Numberals....which ended up being Roman so we laughed even more. (I think it was a you have to be there BUT it was FUNNY:)
Our next BuNcO is Dec. 8th which is 2 days before my BIRTHDAY incase anyone wants to know!!!