Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.....
Tyler carved our pumpkin (yes we were running a little behind) all by himself today. He did a GREAT job. Later he went trick or treating dressed as a ZOMBIE. He looked really spooky and he was thrilled. Nicholas had basketball practice so he missed his first Halloween without trick or treating. Tyler being the NICE brother said he can have his candy since he really does not like candy that much. (he does not take after me:)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WTG Nicholas

Nicholas found out tonight he made the Central 7th Grade Basketball team and is THRILLED!!!!! We are very proud of him:)

Monday, October 23, 2006


We had the Donner Octobear Meet this week and Nicholas came in 3rd for high points for his age group, 13/14. We were thrilled as he just aged up this summer as a 13 year old and some of the 14 year olds look like men. BackStroke and Free Style are defiantly his strokes. He swam the 500 Free and the mile this weekend too..I would be dead at the bottem of the pool. I know a lot of people think swimming is not a "sport" since there is no ball involved but you should see how HARD this kids swim. They are all a great group of kids:)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

School Pictures

Well, it is that time of year again when we get the kids school pictures back...we send them to school with their hair all combed (moused and sprayed in Tylers case) and a few weeks later we get the pictures back. Nicholas' came back first and no it is not the "best" picture of him but the only thing worse then picture day is retake picture day:) There is a dark shadow on his hair and it looks kinda stupid..lol (I can say that since I am his mom and he will never read this:) His hair is now much longer and fuzzier since he will not let me cut it since he wants LONG hair...I have no idea if he is going for pig tails or what but it is not good. According to him PARENTS are the only ones who do not like it as EVERYONE else does. So what he is trying to tell me is kids under the age of 16 think sun bleached-choride hair is good:)
Now to Tyler...he also was letting his grow...we have since cut some off. We got up in the morning and dried it with a blow dryer and used mouse and spray. The pictures I got back look like he has greasy hair...IT WAS CLEAN!! He did not have a plain white T Shirt as Nicholas took permant markers and drew GO NORTH all over a shirt...put it in the laundry and it bled all over Tylers white T Shirt so we had to wear one with a pattern WHICH WAS NOT SHOWING when he left in the morning. But looking at Tylers picture have you ever seen a bigger smile. He obvoiusly LOVED getting his picture taken even though his hair looked goofy and his T Shirt showed underneath.
So as a mom who took time to actually plan for picture day (and spent $60.00) I realize this is what school pictures are all about:)

Friday, October 06, 2006


Well tonight was our FUN night at BuNcO...Good news is we had a TON of fun..Bad news is there was NO 3-peet for me:(
I was tied for most Buncos with Tracy and then on the last 6's that DAMN Kathy WHO NEVER WINS, Buncos again...so guess who stold the Bunco pink feather boa and troll from poor poor Diane B..Yep you guessed it right KATHY. So then it is a roll off between me, Tracy and Kathy and Tracy rolls a 6, Kathy rolls 10 so I am thinking how hard can this be and I roll a stinking 9(sad thing is it took us a few minutes to add the 3 dice up to realize it was only 9:). So Kathy WHO NEVER WINS since she SUCKS at BuNcO wins $60.00. Diane gets most losses and wins $20, Bev most wins and gets $30 as she beats Sue in the roll off and Denise gets the Thank You for coming prize of $10 even though no one really wanted her there.
The best part of the evening was the support and love everyone showed me...they were all cheering me on to get the 3-peet. I am so lucky to have friends like the 11 I play BuNcO with each month. They are even planning a surprise BuNcO next month but told me it was on the 37th..I am so sure that was just a mistake. They are such great great friends.
(I hope you all rot in hell:)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today Hank took Tyler to play PUTT PUTT then to the new Freedom Field at Parkside. Nicholas also wanted to go so all 4 of us went back later..for those of you that have not seen it is AMAZING. It is so nice to have a playground like that in our town. It was a beautiful day in a BEAUTIFUL park. (I of coarse forgot my camera but will post some pics next time we go:)