Thursday, September 25, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

I have wanted to get a Tattoo for a while. The night before my dad died I was driving home from Cinit and I looked up and saw a BEAUTIFUL Sunset..My first thought was "that looks just like a Florida sunset" then I thought "that is a sign that my dad is going to pass away tonight". Well the next morning he did. The night after he passed away I was with some friends at a outdoor concert that I felt guilty going to but went as I had the ticket and no one was home at my house..As we were listening to music we looked up and there was the BIGGEST orange moon. Karen said to me "Your mom gave you the sun and your dad gave you the moon". I knew then what I wanted to today I went in to put money down to get a appointment and the guy had a cancellation so I DID IT!!! I was scared to death, but I knew I had to do this for ME to honor my parents. I told him I wanted a sun and a orange moon and a palm tree as I know that is where they are now. I am VERY Happy with I think I am sooo addicted I will get another one..that would be a NO.
Did it hurt..Yes, but I would do it again in a minute:)
It is on the side on my leg.
I am going to take a new picture later as I think the colors have changed today..I actually like it even better:) and Yes, it does hurt some today but it is not a OMG I can not stand it. I have to say Denise comment to me was the funnest "She feels like a rebel because I got the tattoo".
And the other questions I have gotten is"
What does Hank think..he said he knew I would get one and he likes it.
My kids reaction..Tyler screamed and said is that was not a happy scream and then he said well atleast I will have a story to tell at school tomorrow:)
Nicholas looked at it and said "You are a Freak"and it was not a good kind of freak either..
I woke up this morning and my leg was hurting and I thought..OMG I really did do this and it was not a dream.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This just makes me SMILE:-)

Seeing this online today just made me so DA-MN happy it really was not funny..I actually got goosebumps as this is my FAVORITE day of the year. I live for BLACK FRIDAY and I know a few things I already HOPE to find:)
I am up and out the door at 4:00 something with a BIG smile on my face. I have always said I wish I had that "group of friends" who was able to get up (yes, Denise I am talking about YOU) and go with me with Santa hats on. This year Suzanne is back so I might actually have someone to go with other then her just calling me from England on the phone to see what I am buying. Happy Shopping Days are almost here again..I can hear those jingle bells just a jingling...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wish You Were Here!!

Today is a year since my mom passed away. In some ways it has been the longest year of my life as I have been dreading this other ways I can not believe it has been a year. I would not wish the 4 months from when we found out she had cancer to when she died on anyone as she was in a lot of pain. No one should have to go through what she did.
This week has also been 2 months since my dad passed away so it has been a DOUBLE suck-a$$ week.
I hate it for me that they are gone but I hate it even more that my kids do not have their Grandparents. My parents were the BEST grandparents and my kids loved them. Nicholas idolized my dad and at 15 has said when I grow up I want to be the "gentleman that he was as Grandpa was a true Gentleman". Tyler could make both of them laugh at whatever he was up to. My mom and dad were so proud of both of them and I know they are watching over them and are still proud of them as they are great kids.
I found this post card that Sadie made and sent to my parents one year when they did not get to Florida and I think it pretty well sums up how we feel. We have it framed and on a shelf with other special items.
Mom and Dad, we love you and we wish you were here and it will never be the same without you!

*Yes, my mom has on a pink glitter wig and palm tree sunglasses..she loved life and had fun everyday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks Sadie:-)

This is soo me!!! I am a HUGE uppercaser when I send a email. I had a friend's husband tell me it was scary how I do

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank God its PIE DAY

A friend emailed and said she had a apple tree FILLED with apples and she was not joking. Tyler and I went and picked a huge bag and today we made 2 apple pies. My mom made the best apple pies with the best homemade pie crust but I have never made pie crust before.
Well since I NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) make pies can I tell you how HAPPY my family is that I made pies. Nicholas ate A LOT of pie and has a huge piece packed to take to swim in the morning. Suzannes husband TIM was even bribed with PIE and ice cream to come fix my computer (Thank You Tim:)
I even sent Hank and Tyler over for more apples to make a few more this week. I also made Cinti chili for dinner as Nicholas keeps asking for it and homemade chicken and noodle soup for another night this week. Yes, I am top mom with my family today!!
**MONDAY update..
I am making 3 more pies tonight. I have now made more pies then I have in my life!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stand Up to CANCER

I read this on another blog (thanks Krista) and I will be Standing Up tomorrow and I hope you ALL will to. As a lot of you know my mom passed away last Sept. to Pancreas Cancer that spread to Liver. My parents were married 54 years and my dad passed away this July. If cancer had not taken my mom, I know my dad would still be here also. Please support this cause.

House Updates..

I found this at Ko-hls and love it!

This phonograph was in my parents basement and
we brought it home last weekend..It makes me think
of my mom and dad each time I look at it:) The toy room
(lego room) is through the thing we ever did
was a seperate toy room.

Well I FINALLY took a few pictures of the basement. I LOVE it and am sooo happy with how it turned out. We love the tile down there and love the paint color. PLUS I am sooo happy it is finally done!!!!
We also got new Kitchen counters and I am THIRLLED!! Here are pictures of my kitchen also.

Yes this was 3 post in 1 night..I have been so bad about blogging recently..Ty had a cold, he got over it, I got it and have not gotten over it and it has been a WEEK and now Nicholas has it:(
PLUS I have a LOVELY family of cold $ores under my nose that decided to move in..can I tell you how BADthey HURT plus they are sooo darn attractive. AND guess what today was at SCHOOL..PICTURE DAY. Thank GOSH we did not work today and I did not go up for it..I will do retake day!!

To Sadie and Jim

Guess where we ate at last weekend....?
Yes....It was SKY-LINE time:-)
Wish you were there!!

Hospice Concert

This was taken right before he "thought I was
talking to him....Yes, that is Denise and Bev:)

Reach out and touch someone...

Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I keep falling down!

Saturday Night we went to the Hospice concert at Mill Race Park..It was a BEAUTIFUL night and we had a GREAT time. We did a pictch in picnic dinner and had WAY to much food..chicken, Corn on the cob, fruit salad, watermelon, pasta salad and the list goes on and on...
People veiwing was at a ALL TIME HIGH..this is the kindest way I can say
The groups there were someone I can not remember..opps, Nelson twins and Jan and Dean (minus Jan).

We did "meet" JEFFREY who was more then just drunk as he was on something..I kept "trying" to get his picture and he thought I said his name..(I said BEV which sounds sooo much like Jeffrey) and he told us HOW MUCH FUN HE WAS HAVING..Long story short..Yes I got his picture, I did ask him if he drove and he said he walked as he lived right by there and danced away from us (Surfin USA..OMG can he and got
As soon as the cops came up to him he put his hands behind his back so I am thinkin he has been through this before.