Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blue Man Group

Denise and I with "The Blue Man" He Loved us:)

The Boys with "The Blue Man"..he liked them but not as much as he liked Denise and I:)

A few years ago (I am sure it has been A LOT more then a few) we say the Blue Man Group in Vegas and LOVED the show. (We saw David Copperfield also and Hank got to go onstage and he DISAPPEARED..don't worry..he came back:)
Well, the Blue Man Group was in Indy this weekend at Clowes Hall so we bought tickets (let me just say we had GREAT TICKETS) and went and saw them with another family. We had a GREAT time. Parts of the show were the same but most was different. Hank and I both said we really need to find more things like this that the kids ACTUALLY still want to do with us. I said if someone said discribe in 1 word I would say AMAZING..2 Words-High Energy!! 3 Words-We LOVED it!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A GREAT Read!!

A wonderful friend of mine who moved away a few years ago just started a blog and she is FUNNY!!! Please check her out and make sure you said "Diana sent me over" so she knows to THANK ME!!! (maybe by a visit:)