Thursday, January 05, 2012

Is it a LIE or a FIB??

Today at work was a baby shower..I told what I am calling a "fib" and said I had to pick Tyler up from school even though I did not.
We ALL know what is at Showers...C A K E!! I love CAKE!! I love any kind of CAKE!! AND Cake loves my ASS!! I knew there was NO way in hell I could do and say "No, thank you like a normal person." I have 0 will power, 0-zip-nada!!!
So I came home and ate a pear..the pear was good but it is not CAKE!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for cake also ... and ice cream! I wouldn't say it's a lie or a fib ... it's just a necessary non-truth ;0)

Young Creations said...

IMPRESSIVE. That was a good decision. Pears are yummy. Keep on keeping on. It will be worth it.